This section of our website is intended for you to keep in touch with all of your fellow colleagues who have served in the Bermuda Police. We started this column by putting all entries on one post but soon realized that it would stretch for far too long so we are doing it by each year- and this one is for 2024.

We welcome news, however brief, and would also encourage you to send us recent photos. Sadly we sometimes have to report "bad" news such as illnesses - or worse - but we are always delighted to receive positive news! We can be contacted through our email address at or through the comments column at the bottom of each article, including this one.

We are starting this year's "Keeping in Touch" column with an entry about  those 30 men and women, many of whom will hopefully be celebrating their 50th Anniversary Year since joining the Bermuda Police back in 1974. Scroll down to our first entry of the year on 1st January regarding the  50th Anniversary.


20th January

DO WE HAVE YOUR PHOTO? -  Last week was ran an article on our Facebook page asking the question -  DO WE HAVE YOUR PHOTO? -  After  publishing this group photo  of members of Traffic Department taken in 1979, on the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Bermuda Police, we had a request from Becky Durie for a photo of her father, John Wild. We also had a comment from Theresa Pedro (Pratt) who was delighted to see that her father Sgt Keith Pratt was one of the men and women in the group photo.  We promptly checked our records and were quickly able to post portrait photos of both John Wild and Keith Pratt under the Facebook article.
Operations Division in front of City Hall - 1989
CLICK HERE to view this photo enlarged with complete with caption
Some of our ExPo members may not be aware  that we have access to literally hundreds of head and shoulders photos of most of the police officers who served here in the Bermuda Police from the late 1950's to the early 1990's in the old police register at Prospect. These were usually taken when the officer first joined the Police so they are usually of our "young" men and women although some were taken when officers had been promoted. They were taken for their warrrant card ID's and are only passport size, but some are rather nice portraits. Our Police photographers were the best!
We invited our ExPo members to contact us at if they would be interested in obtaining a copy of their photo and we'd be happy to search our files to see if we can find one for you. But there is a price to pay!!!!
The "PRICE" is that you write a few lines and let us know where you are and what you're doing these days so we can mention you here in our "Keeping in Touch" column. 
FIRST REPLY FROM NEAL RICHARDSON -   Well, we've now received our first request from, Neal Richardson, who served here from 1984-1993.  CLICK HERE for an excellent article Neal had already written to us for our "Then and Now" column which we published without his portrait because we couldn't find it when we first published the article. After an extensive search we found Neal's old warrant card photo which we immedately sent to him, and here is Neal's reply honouring his part of the bargain! 
 Young P.C. Neal Richardson
I got in touch following your piece in ExpoBermuda regarding requests to obtain our initial joining (warrant card) photo from the Police Admin records.  I asked for mine and this was met with an initial response of no success.  I gather that our Sept 1984 Localisation Couse (there were 20 of us) weren't stored well.  I was delighted last night to find out that you went on a subsequent deep-dive and sure enough, found mine.  Many thanks for that.  My wife and I had a good laugh at it.
Neal and Ingrid
enjoying the sunshine in Guatemala
"I last left off with an account I put together that's in the Then and Now section (CLICK HERE to view it Since then, I continued with my private sector employment in the NYC area, working for several major financial institutions in the field of AML.  There was one particular Bermuda Police interaction with this, and that was when my boss at one of these financial institutions, was on a conference somewhere in the States, and she began a conversation with the gentlemen in the next seat on a private bus that was ferrying the attendees around.  The gentleman said he was from Bermuda and of course, my boss said one of her team was once based in Bermuda.  The gentleman was Dave Cart, another of my former bosses.  What are the chances of that happening?
Bermuda gave me, and many of my colleagues, a love and the ability to travel.  One of these travels included a visit to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala in 1991.  I was blown away at the beauty of the place and despite seeing a lot of the rest of the world, this particular spot parked itself in my head.
I made the decision to go for retirement at 61.  It's not easy walking out of a good job voluntarily, but I did.  In my final working years, we built a beautiful house on the shores of the Lake, and it was probably having this house down here that I could only enjoy for short work vacations that fueled my desire to retire.  Retirement was three years ago and I spend almost all of my time now here in Guatemala.  I have a car and a motorcycle here that's great for explorations.  However, there are no roads where our house is and it's only accessible by boat.  We still maintain a place in the NYC area, but I only tend to go when family events occur. I haven't been back to the UK since 2008 when my brother passed away unexpectedly.  With no close family to visit there anymore, I just haven't felt any draw to return.  
I am in regular video call contact with the likes of Eddie Davies (living in Georgia, USA), John Jones (living in Hong Kong), Ian Matthews (living in Leeds), Gary Wilson (living in Bangkok).
Happily married to New Yorker, Ingrid, with our three (now) adult kids. " 
Editors note -  By coincidence the next photo below includes Dave Cart.

8th January

"Celebration of Life" for Steve Dunleavy  -   The family of the Late retired Sgt. Steve Dunleavy held a “Celebration of Life” reception for Steve at the RHADC in Paget on Sunday afternoon 7th January 2024.  CLICK HERE to review our Hall of Fame article about Steve which was written with the assistance of his family who also kindly supplied some of the photos.

Here in Bermuda, and elsewhere, it‘s been traditional to hold a funeral service, usually at a church or chapel, or occasionally at the Police cemetery at Prospect, but the times they are a’changing.   I have to say from the outset that not only was Steve’s “Celebration of Life” reception packed with his family, friends and former colleagues in attendance, but it also felt like an actual “celebration” of his life. There were touching moments when his children, Christian, Sean and  Katherine shared some of their highly personal reminiscences of good times and amusing times with their dad,  as did grandson Jay and nephew John.  It should also be mentioned that Steve's snooker partner for many years, fellow policeman, Andy Wright, flew in specially for the reception and also gave a personal tribute to his good friend. 

Please note that in accordance with his family’s wishes, wearing bright colours were the order of the day – except for the colour red!  But why?  Typical of curmudgeonly Steve, it was explained that he wouldn’t have wanted anyone turning up in anything even remotely resembling Manchester United’s colours!   

(l-r) Betty and John Dale. Bill Butterworth
Andy Wright and Dave Cart
Sue Dunleavy amd Gertie Barker
Hiram Edwards, Carlton Adams and Louis Griffith

Ty Smith, Wayne Perinchief and Cal Smith

 If you check out the photo of items on display in memory of Steve, you will see that not only was he proud of his time in the Bermuda Police, he was also a Bolton Wanderers fan all the way.  Judging by the unanimous comments of our ExPo members present – Steve had a great send off! 

Tributes to Steve
Bolton Wanderers Forever. The Heineken was empty!
Steve sings along with the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger!
You know you've hit the heights in Bermuda when you're the subject of a
Peter Woolcock cartoon! Steve was a lifelong Rolling Stones fan and an
Atlanta Braves supporter along with his family, and Gizmo was his much loved cat.  
This cartoon was a gift to the family from Peter Woolcock for Steve's 50th birthday


1st January

HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY -  For anyone who joined the Bermuda Police during the year 1974 and is still chugging along, we salute you and congratulate you on this the 50th anniversary year since you first joined the Bermuda Police.   

It appears from our Police records, that 1974 was a rather lean year for new recruits.  In all, we have found 30 names in the old police registers at Prospect, and looking through our Training School Course photos we could only find one Basic Training Course held during the year, and that was Course No. 18 held from May – July 1974. 

Basic Training Course #18

Top Row (l-r)  Kendrick Shillingford, Cumlal Rampersad, John Lynch-Wade, 
Charles Mooney, Herwood Griffiths, Ian Sanders, Robin Stuart
Middle Row - John Kenyon, John Kandziorka, Reginald Ramjohn, Catharine Dorrington, 
Coralie Trott, Sharonmae "Tracy" Armstrong, Eric Ingemann, Wilton "Terry" Lee, Matthew Lindo
Seated -  Peter Borland, Sgt Pat McBride, Supt. Syke Smith, DCOP Alf Morris, 
Insp. Dave Parsons, Sgt Barrie Meade, P.C. John McConnie (Instructor), Franklyn Foggo/Bagley

Looking at the above photo we're aware that a few of these recruits either failed to make it through training school or left shortly after the course, while others stayed on, some for several years and some who made their careers as police officers.  Those who stayed in the Police include Eddie Edwards, Kendrick Shillingford, John Lynch-Wade, Charlie Mooney, Cathy Dorrington, Charlie Dorrington, Coralie Trott, Tracy Armstrong, Peter Borland, and Frankie Foggo.  The only Training School instructor still with us is retired Inspector John McConnie.  Those we have lost include John Kandjiorka, Eric Ingemann, Terry Lee, and Matthew Lindo. 

CLICK HERE for our article about the 30 men and women recruited during 1974 and listing all of their names.