For anyone who joined the Bermuda Police during the year 1974 and is still chugging along, we salute you and congratulate you on this the 50th anniversary year since you first joined the Bermuda Police.   

It appears from our Police records, that 1974 was a rather lean year for new recruits.  In all, we have found 30 names in the old police registers at Prospect, and looking through our Training School Course photos we could only find one Basic Training Course held during the year, and that was Course No. 18 held from May – July 1974. 

Basic Training Course No. 18 
May - July 1974
Top Row (l-r)  Kendrick Shillingford, Cumlal Rampersad, John Lynch-Wade, 
Charles Mooney, Herwood Griffiths, Ian Sanders, Robin Stuart
Middle Row - John Kenyon, John Kandziorka, Reginald Ramjohn, Catharine Dorrington,
Coralie Trott, Sharonmae "Tracy" Armstrong, Eric Ingemann, Wilton "Terry" Lee, Matthew Lindo
Seated -  Peter Borland, Sgt Pat McBride, Supt. Syke Smith, DCOP Alf Morris,
Insp. Dave Parsons, Sgt Barrie Meade, P.C. John McConnie (Instructor), Franklyn Foggo/Bagley

Looking at the above photo we're aware that a few of these recruits either failed to make it through training school or left shortly after the course, while others stayed on, some for several years and some who made their careers as police officers.  Those who stayed in the Police include Eddie Edwards, Kendrick Shillingford, John Lynch-Wade, Charlie Mooney, Cathy Dorrington, Charlie Dorrington, Coralie Trott, Tracy Armstrong, Peter Borland, and Frankie Foggo.  The only Training School instructor still with us is retired Inspector John McConnie.  Those we have lost include John Kandjiorka, Eric Ingemann, Terry Lee, and Matthew Lindo. 



Matthew (Matt) Lindo* 
6 Jan 1974 to 16 March 1986
Trevor Woolridge (Cadet) 
1 Feb 1974 -  3 March 1974
Edmundson (Eddie) Edwards              
15 March 1974 – 6 Jan 1992
Paul Eurell                                           
25 March 1974 -  28th Sept 1983
Robert “Bob” Mitchell                        
25th March 1974  -  9 May 1979
David Clark                                          
25th March 1974 – 16 Oct 1974
Roger Beschizza                                  
26 March 1974  -  10 May  1979
Charles Dorrington                             
26th March 1974  -  1 May 2001
John Riordan                                       
26 March 1974  -  24 Jan 1975
George Swanborough                         
26 March 1974  -  10th October 1975
John Wild*                                          
26 March 1974  -  27 Oct 1987
Peter Walgate                         
26 March 1974  -  20 Dec 1991
Malcolm Foster                                   
1st April 1974  -  21 Dec 1974
Reginald Ramjohn*                             
26 April 1974  -  11 May 1979
Herwood Griffith                                 
26 April 1974  - 13 Jan 1986
Kenneth Reid                                      
26th April 1974  -  24 July 1974
Kendrick Shillingford                           
26 April 1974  -   ?
Ian Sanders                                         
29 April 1974  -  2 April 1975
John Kandziorka*                                
29th April 1974  -  8 Nov 1982
Peter Borland                                      
29 April 1974 – 15 July 1982
Bernard Ross                                       
9th April 1974  -  13 May 1974
John Lynchwade
26 April 1974 – 18th March 1986
Robin Stuart                                        
29 April  -  20th April 1977
Charles Mooney                                  
30 April 1974  -  8 May 2004 (Chief Insp)
John Kenyon                                       
1st May 1974  - 30 August 1979
Cumlal Rampersad*                            
1 May 1974  -  6 Dec 1974
Sharonmae (Tracy) Armstrong            
1 May 1974  - 27 June 2001
Catherine Dorrington 
1 May 1974 -  1 May 2001
Coralie Trott                      
6 May 1974  -  2 Jan 1999
Benjamin “Johnboy” Hayward            
1 June 1974  -  
Franklyn Foggo                                   
14 July 1974  -  14th July 2009 + 2 years
Eric Ingemann*
17 Sept 1974  - 20 Sep 1982 
* denotes deceased.                                 

Many of these officers listed above worked for a short time and in many cases left Bermuda and settled elsewhere.   Of this group we do have some contact addresses (CLICK HERE for List of Names of Colleagues for whom we have contact details).  However, in many cases we've completely lost contact with them.  If you happen to have details of anyone who is not on our contact list we would be delighted if you could let us know who they are, and either let us have their contact details, or ask them to get in touch with us directly at 

We have a section of our website called “Then and Now” where we encourage former colleagues to write to us about their life story, their reminiscences while serving in the Bermuda Police, and where they are and what they’re doing these  days.  On checking our “Then and Now” column I see that just one of our recruits from 1974 listed above, has written an article, and that is Roger Beschizza who contacted us earlier this year and kindly agreed to write an excellent article which you can view at

Young P.C. Roger Beschizza


In the meantime we wish all of those officers who joined us in  1974, along with of our friends and colleagues a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.