A Princess Visits Bermuda


We are publishing this photograph at the same time we have published our latest "Then and Now" article - and the two are connected!  

The photograph was taken during the visit by a Royal Princess, and we have no doubt most of our members will recognize this member of the Royal Family but we would also ask you to provide us with the date and location it was taken, the names of all the senior police officers and other dignitaries present, the reason or reasons for this Royal Visit, and the connection between this photo and our "Then and Now" article.

We have enlarged the photo to provide two close-ups for easier identification but would ask that you name those present in the order in which you view them in the first photograph.

Top row (l-r)
2nd Row
3rd Row
Front Row 
Photo 1 
Photo 2

Maurice Pett
Roger, I already sent this. Gent between Harold & FCB is McNeil Warner. He was Principal at Robert Crawford Sec. and became Chairman of Crime Stoppers. Far right front row I believe is Barry Elliott, Reserves Commandant. I think Davie is correct with John Moore who was Red's son in law,.
Davie Kerr
Not sure about Barry Elliott, but not going to argue the toss!
Is his daughter Margaret still around? Maybe she could say yeah or nay....

Editors note - Not sure about this being Barry Elliott but will try to check with Margaret.

Davie Kerr
I've had a re-think about Roger Kendall's ID: I now think it's Dave Chew, because this pic had to be taken in the '80s while Penny Bean was CoP, and Roger was still a Sgt in 1990.

Editors note - I agree with this change 100%. I'm sure it's Dave Chew. Many thanks Davie.

Davie Kerr
Following on from that Royal pic, I believe (but can't guarantee) that Neil Cox's nickname of "Secret Squirrel" was bestowed upon him by no less a personage than HRH Princess Margaret during the above visit! I believe that she was staying in a house in Tucker's Town during the said visit: I can't remember its name, but its call sign was "Purple 30"!
Davie Kerr
Whew! This isn't going to be easy, but I'll do my best.
Pic 1, back from L:- *Brian Flook, *Campbell Simons, *John Williams, *Crock, Alan Bissell, Larry Smith, Dave Barber.
2nd row from L:- Derek Jenkinson, *Ian Scotland, George Rose, Cal Christopher, Jean Vickers, Brinky Tucker.
3rd row from L:- *Barry Smith, *Jeff Sanders, Hilton Wingood, *Tim Willis, *Gerry Harvey, *John-Jo Sheehy, Andy Bermingham.
Front from L:- *Nobby Clarke, Harold Moniz, don't know, *Fred Bean, HE (Dunrossil?), HRH Princess Margaret.
Pic 2, back from L:- Vendal Bridgeman, *Alan Kennedy, Orson Daisley, *Eddie Foggo, *?Dennis Ramsay?.
2nd row from L- *Tom Cassin, Roger Kendall, *Neil Cox.
3rd row from L:- *Alex Forbes, *George Garrod, Robin Henagulph, *Gerry James, ?Reserve Commandant Vickers?,
?Reserve Deputy Commandant Moore?.
Front from L:- John Swan, Jack Sharpe, Clive Donald, Lenny Edwards, looks like AJ Smith but too many medals! Maybe a Reserve?
* = believed deceased, 21 by my count.

Editors note - Your best is more than good enough Davie. Yu cartainly have the vast majority and we;ll see if anyone else can assist with confirming the few youlre not sure of.

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