This officer is NOT Dave Garland!


The photo below of a policeman in St. George's providing directions to a young lady, was recently posted on the "Old Bermuda, Our Island, Our History" Facebook page, by Wanda Robinson. It was taken in October 1963 and we know from the attached Bermuda News Bureau article that the lovely young lady is Miss Bettilu Semken from Bronxville, New York, who had recently won the title of Miss Westchester in a beauty and personality contest for which she won a trip to Bermuda.

So we know where and when it was taken, and we know the young lady in question, but there has been some speculation that the police officer is our own Dave Garland, but Dave squashed that theory by confirming that it is definitely NOT him.  Dave thinks the officer was working in St. George's but it could have been an officer was who assigned to be there for the photo op. and not necessarily someone stationed in St. George's.

We would like to see if anyone can assist us in identifying the police officer in question.  Please let us know of you have any ideas as to who it might be. 

Territt Cabral
I believe that is Earl Pitcher.
His Son, brothers, and nephews works on the Pilots boats back in the 60-80's.

Editors note - Many thanks Terry. I was discussing this photo with Brinky Tucker last week and he know many members of the Pitcher family. Will ask him to check with them. This photo has appeared on both our ExPo website and the "Old Bermuda, Our Island, Our History" and you are the only person who has given us what sounds like a positive ID.

Davie Kerr
OK, so it may NOT be Dave Garland, but you have to admit that it does look an awful lot like him!

It may be a Reserve, as I think I can just make out some sort of flash on his left shoulder and I'm pretty sure that Reserves had such a flash.

Editors note - Agreed that it does look a lot kike Dave Garland but an "older version"! Ive head from Mike and Carolyn Burke who believe it a member of the Reserves, and Terry Cabral believes it's a Mr. Pitcher and will let us know if he can rember his first name

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