Davie Kerr
Obviously a boxing team pic from the '80s, eiither vs Mass State Troopers or Denver as I think those were our only overseas opponents back then.
Presumably taken at Prospect PRC, as so many such pics were!
Standing from L:- Craig Morfitt, Nigel Brock, Nick Jamieson, Frankie Foggo (mascot for the day?), Dave Arrowsmith?, Alan Gorbutt, Donville Yarde.
Front from L:- Reese Bartley (manager?), Gary Smith (trainer), Russ Matthews, Rai Harrison, Ian Matthews,
Can't help with either the left shoulder next to Reese B or the extreme right....

Editors note - I thnk you got 'em all Davie except the guy at front right who we can only partially see. Could this be the year our Police Boxing Team competed against the Massachusetts State Troopers in May 1984 when Frankie was photographed along with Sugar Ray Leonard and "Marvellous" Marvin Hagler? Will check with Frankie.

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