Capt John W. Moore, CPM, CMN (ret)


As previously reported here on our website (CLICK HERE for the article),  former Commandant of the Reserve Police, Captain John Moore, passed away last month, and on April 2nd 2024, the Royal Gazette  published an extensive article “Captain John W. Moore (1939-2024); Master Mariner” which makes for fascinating reading.  CLICK HERE to view the article.  

Captain John Moore served for many years in the Bermuda Reserve Constabulary having joined in 1971.  He quickly rose through the ranks of the Reserves and was appointed as Commandant in 1987, a position he held until his retirement in 1999,  giving him a total of 28 years service. 

Captain Moore had a close connection with the Bermuda Police Service as his wife Elizabeth was the daughter of the Late Inspector Douglas “Red”  Hebberd. CLICK HERE to see our article about Inspector Hebberd in our “Hall of Fame”.   

When he first joined the Reserve Police their official title was the Bermuda Reserve Constabulary but during Captain Moore’s tenure it was changed to the Reserve Police, and their uniforms switched over to police uniforms.

Captain Moore was awarded the Colonial Special Constabulary Medal in 1969, and the Colonial Police Medal in 1992. There is no question that he played a major role in guiding and  helping to re-organize the Reserve Police.

Although we have extensive records of the men and women who have served in the Bermuda Police Service since its inception in 1879, we do not have access to any records of the Reserve Police.  It would be very useful if the Reserves could collate as much of their history as possible, and we would happily publish any lists of their members over the years and a compilation of their history.