We received this photo in December 2020 from former P.C. John Arlott who pointed out that he had barely arrived on Island on 2nd October 1970 than he and his fellow new recruits found themselves on riot squad duties. Great introduction to Bermuda!  We wanted to know the identities of everyone in the photo, and also when and where it was taken.  We added a couple of blows-ups to assist you in picking out who is who.

I have to say that because this photo is slightly blurred it's extremely difficult to identify a few of the guys in it, particularly in the 2nd row and the top row.    I've done my best to try to sort them out and place them in the right places, but some are definitely not correct. I thought that the guy standing immediately between Ian Scotland and "Nobby" Clark was David "Dai" Thomas, but on checking the record he didn't arrive on Island until 14th October which I believe is after the riots.  Terry Cabral, who has successfully identified most of the group thought it was Vendon Archer but "Moby" pointed out that Vendon didn't arrive until later in the 1970's.

I'm going to write to some of the guys who might be able to confirm identities but please feel free to make suggested changes - until we get it right - if ever!

One more question though - can anyone confirm exactly where the photo was taken?

 Riot Squad - October 1970
(l-r) Standing on ground -  Rex Osborne, Norrell Hull, Arden Cato, Ian Ganson, Brian Warraker,
Ian Scotland, Vendon Archer, Ian Scotland, David "Dai" Thomas?,  L.M. "Nobby" Clarke, Dave Parsons, Dick Murphy,
Willy McCracken, Willy Hart,  Jude Perrotte, Foster Burke.
2nd row  -  ?  Ray Jones, Andy Lavery,  ?   Peter Blogg,  Gerry Molloy, and John Arlott behind Foster Burke
Top row -  Bob Porritt,        Peter Moore    ?   Bruce Bingley, Les Pearson

Blow-up 1

Blow-up 2