We received this photo in November 2020 of a group of characters who appear to be in some kind of sports kit, along with a team mascot!   There was a story behind the photo because we published a somewhat similar team photo in our "Who, Where, and When" column about 18 months ago, and they too had their own mascot.  At that time we had some idea of the make up of their opponents but didn't know where to find their photo - and finally, here it is. 

So now we wanted to know who is in this photo, where and when was it taken,  what was the make-up of the team,  and finally, what was the final score in this "grudge" match! 

We had some good attempts at identifying everyone in the photo, especially from Terry Cabral who could pick out most of the guys and the goat!  We also had quite a few answers  posted on our Facebook page where was now simultaniously pubish our "Who, Where and When" photos.

However,  the person who pointed out that this photo first appeared in the Winter 1974 edition of the Police Magazine, is John Headey, who also provided us with all of the names as listed in the caption except "Ringeye" Paynter who must have been made an honorary members of the team which was the Eastern Division single men's football team who played against the married men's at the RAA Field, with the game ending in a 2-2 draw.

CLICK HERE to view the opposition Married Men's Team  in our earlier "Who, Where and When"article

Eastern Division Single Men's Football Team 1974
Back row (l-r)  Ronnie Boggan, Lenny Crichton, Frank Wood, Paul Hendrick, Pete Shaw,
Allan "Bugsy" Pugh with his arm around guest "Ringeye" Paynter, and A.J. Tony Smith
Front row -  Des Waithe, Ken James (?), Mike Telemaque, Joe Burrows (barman),  
Gordon Farquhar with  "Goat", Bob Porritt, and Wayne "Crack" Robinson.

I have named them all on your facebook page.A bunch of characters we all were.Good times from happy thymes.Sholom.Editors note - Many thanks Terry. Will update this website version with all the names. It sure was a bunch of characters!
Davie Kerr
I think next to Bob Porritt is Wayne Robinson.Editors note - Thanks Davie. Will check with Wayne to confirm.
Brian Foster
Bogan, Creighton, Wood, Paul Hendrix, Shaw, Pugh, A J Smith, Burrows, Farquhar, Porritt, ?
Gerry Lyons
Never served in the Far East, but know a couple. Back row Ronnie Bogan, Lennie Creighton, Frank Wood, ?, Pete Shaw, Joe Burrows, Alan Pugh, ?. Not sure about bottom row but could be Gordon Farquhar acting the Goat.
Orson Daisley
Joe Burrows (PRC Batman st George) with football, location RAA field st George. Pc Lenny Creighton back row second left,Editors note - Great to hear from you Orson. Joe Burrows brings back some memories of my time in St. George's a few years before this photo was taken. Youve given us a good start.

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