This was not the best quality photo we have ever published, and it may not have been the finest team the Bermuda Police has ever produced, but it was a team with a mascot!  We wanted to know where and when it was taken, who is in the team, what was the occasion -  and what is the name of the dog?

We got an excellent response with Terry Cabral providing most of the names, including "Turk" the mascot owned by Dave Chew, with a little extra help from John Headey who is on "cloud 9" these days with his home team Huddersfield playing in the Premier Division, and from Paul Hendricks.  

It must be noted, however,  that no-one seemed to have any recollection of when this match was played, who it was played against, and what the score was!  Yes, it was played down east on the RAA field, and that may explain the lack of recollection!

13th November 2020

Editors note  -   We are now aware that this dynamic team comprised married men from Eastern Division who played in a match against single men from Eastern Division.  We will be soon be publishing the Singlemen's team in our Who, Where and When column. The match was reported in the Winter 1974 edition of the Police Magazine.

A cracking Eastern Division Team!
(l-r) Standing -  John "Fingers" or "Cockspur" Freeborough, Kensley McDowall,
the late Sandy Duncan, Brian Foster, Neil Paynter and Casey Van Beelan (civilian)
Kneeling -  Ardon Cato, Dave Chew, Terry Cabral with "Turk", John Headey, 
Jimmy Copeland (civilian), Herby Stovell, and Stuart "Bishop" Lambert.
We are reliably informed that the late Ronnie Boggan is in the background
wearing black socks,  along with A.J. Smith.