This young man was directing traffic at Heyles Corner before there was a birdcage,  police officers were wearing khaki uniforms,  Morris Minor station wagons were in vogue, and taxis had a "fringe on top" instead of air-conditioning!   If you don't know where this photo was taken you've never served in the Bermuda Police, but can you tell us who is the young man waving his white gloves around, and approximately when the photo was taken?  Can you also say roughly when Bermuda police officers started wearing khaki uniforms and when they stopped wearing them!

Jeff Baker
Thank you Roger for enlarging the photo, and a big thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to make this site a great source of enjoyable memories and memorabilia.
As the old eyesight begins to fail, it was with great delight that I am able to recognize a very dear friend of mine. This is none other than David G. Garland. I obviously cannot tell you when the photo was taken. I know Dave has featured in the expo before and I remember when there was a very nice write up of Dave in the Royal Gazette. I keep in touch with Dave and Sue, whom I have known for about 50 years after they sort of took a young valleys boy under their wing. I mentioned in a previous article when I submitted a reply, that, of my gratitude to them both, for the manner in which they helped me and many others with their kindness and generosity.

EDITORS NOTE - Many thanks for your comments Jeff. You've hit the nail on the head naming this young P.C. It is indeed Dave Garland who joined the Bermuda Police on 18th April 1961 along with Peter Rose, John Bailey and Derek Singleton. Dave's first posting was to Central Division (Hamilton) and just 7 months later he was transferred to Cycle Squad. At that time the khaki uniforms were only worn during the summer months so this photo must have been taken between approximately May and September of 1961. With regard to Dave and Sue taking you under their wing , you're not the first person to tell me that. I know they kindly did the same for quite a number of the guys after they arrived on Island.

Davie Kerr
I've no idea who the officer is (not from that pic anyway), but I hope someone can answer the question about the khaki uniforms as I've been asking basically the same question for years!

Editors note - I'm hoping the same about the khaki uniforms Davie, but I know for sure they were no longer in use when I arrived on Island in May 1964. Clive Donald tells me that they were worn during the summer months when he arrived in Bermuda in August 1959. He also says the khaki shirts and shorts HAD to be well pressed which was not a problem for the many guys who had previously served in the military which included this young man ast Heyl's Corner. I gather they were summer uniforms for a few years. I believe you're having difficulty recognizing this well known character because he looked so "skinny" when he first arrived here.

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