We recently came across this photo of a "Happy Team" just about to board an Eastern Airlines flight.  We want to know their destination;  were they still happy with the result of their venture abroad;  the sport they were playing (not a difficult question!); and also can you name them all?  We have provided two blow-ups of the photo to assist those of you who might have eyesight problems but our copy of the photo is not of the highest quality so if you happen to have a copy could you please let us have one and send it to us in high definition.

Here are the replies we've received so far, and at this point we haven't confirmed the date or year of the tour.

28th March 2023

Dai Thomas  was one of the team members and he confirms this was a Police Rugby Team tour to Montreal as guests of the Montreal Police, and he recalls a blue light escort into the City, and helicopter trips from the roof of Police HQ. 
Dave Cook lists those in the photo as:- (l-r) standing - Mick Richardson, Pat O’Riordan, Barry Higham, Billy Butterworth, Paul Dean, Dave Lunn, Brian Hanney, Weddon, maybe Dave Cook, Jimmy ?, Jim McKirdy, ?, Alex Arnfield, Dai Thomas, Peter Stubbs, Dewhurst. Front row - Ron Beech, Pat Hamlett.Mike Ross, “Spider” Mackenzie, Taylor?, Norman Rennie, Boardman, Tagg, ?, Paul Davis.
There are a few missing names in Dave's list, and there may be the odd correction needed so if you can assist please add your comments below, or email us at info@expobermuda.com  We also need to confirm the date and year of the tour.
Mick Ross recalls the following:- "This tour was great fun, and if memory serves me right, one of the games (there were only two or three) was against a local ladies side though they were not very 'lady like' in the scrum!" Mick says he can’t remember the scores. Although the photo itself is tagged as Montreal, Mick thought it was to Toronto, but in any event he says it was a great tour, and the ladies team made a visit to Bermuda a few years later.
Phil Taylor suggests several different names than those provided by Dave Cook.  Phil says it's Godfrey Davies not Paul Deans. Standing between Brian Hanney and Dave Wheddon is Ian Crawford from Public Works, who came along as a spectator. The guy with the pose is Derek Richardson with Phil Moss(?), then Jim McKirdy, Mike Spivey, a civvie, and on the end is Clive Dewhurst. On the front row it is me (Phil Tayor),  next to 'Spider' Mackenzie. It is Eric Boardman, who was also from Public Works, and Micky Tagg, who I think was from Grotto Bay Hotel.
It was definitely Montreal, and contrary to Mick Ross’ recollections, we didn’t play against a women’s team, but some ladies from Boston Beantown Rugby, came up to Montreal and hung around the lads. We played two games against The Montreal Irish, first and second teams, again I cannot truly remember any scores except for the fact that the game against the seconds was won with a Jim McKirdy penalty, which was the only score of the game.
EDITORS NOTE -  I posted caption under the photo listed the names we ebelieve are correct, but would be more than willing to re-cnsider of you believe we have them wrong in an way.
Police Rugby Tour Team head to Montreal 
Standing (l-r) Mick Richardson, Pat O'Riordan, Barry Higham, Billy Butterworth, Godfrey Davies,
Dave Lunn, Brian Hanney, Ian Crawford (civilian) , Dave Weddon, Dave Cook, Jimmy ?, Derek Richardson,
Phil Moss, Jim McKirdy, Mike Spivvy, Alex Arnfield, Dai Thomas, Peter Stubbs, Clive Dewhurst.
Front row -  Ron Beach, Pat Hamlett, Mike Ross, "Spider" Mackenszie, Phil Taylor, Norman Rennie.
Eric Boardman (civilian) , Mickey Tagg (civilian), and Paul Davis.


Blow-up 1
Blow-up 2