Davie Kerr
"Names to faces" time again, huh?
"To the best of my knowledge and belief, Your Worships", they are:-
Back from L:- Dave O'Meara, Iain Morrison, Gary Staines, Simon Groves, Steve Nurse, ?Alick Severin?.
Middle from L:- Greg Grimes, Paul Wright, Steve Parkinson, ? , Kevin Reeves, Wayne Hodgson, Hatton Phillips.
Front from L:- ?, Desiree Woods/Lightbourne, Foster Burke, Colin Coxall, Bill Butterworth, ?Mrs Phillips?, Bev Outerbridge/Hopkins.
Obviously Special Branch on the PRC patio (where else for a Police photo?), early '90s at a guess.

Editors note - Many thanks Davie. The young man at end of top row is, I believe, a Customs Officer. I'm fairly sure you are correct with Mrs Phillips. The only two we need to identify now are the Customs Officer and the young lady first on left on the front row.

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