This group of "Happy Easterners" were clearly having a great time and one of them was armed with a microphone!   All have now been identified as shown below.  The only one in question was the guy wearing a sweater, and Moby Pett thought it might be Ron Firth who was an engineer (see Moby's comments below). while Brian Foster thought it was an engineer who worked for Dunkley's Dairy.  We checked with Michael Dunkley and he confirmed that it is indeed Ron Firth.   We wanted to know if you could recognize them, tell us what they were doing where they were, and when was this photo taken.  We also commented that you could find the answers elsewhere else on our website if you know what to look for and how to find it.

We can now identify everyone in this photo which was taken at a "Farewell Party" held at the St. George's Police Club in March 1970, for OIC Eastern Division, Insp Douglas "Red" Hebberd when he was transferred to Special Branch. In the photo are (standing l-r) Bernie Joinville, Ron Firth (civilian), Sgt Joe Colton, Inspector Hebberd, and seated is Sgt Brian Flook. CLICK HERE to view a photo of the full party gathering in our "Hall of Fame" article about Inspector Hebberd on our ExPo website.  Sadly, none of these  five of these gentlemen are still with us.

Farewell Party for OIC "Red" Hebberd at St. George's Police Club - March 1970
(l-r) standing -  Bernie Joinville, Ron Firth, Joe Colton, Douglas "Red" Hebberd 
Seated - Brian Flook