The annual Police Week Memorial Service was held at the Police Cemetery, Prospect, at 4.00pm on 1st October 2023, followed by a reception at the Police Recreation Club for retired and former police officers and their families and guests.  Master of Ceremonies for the service was Retired Chief Inspector Calvin Smith, President of the Bermuda Ex-Police Officers Association.

CLICK HERE for a live video of the ceremony on the Bermuda Police Service official Facebook page.

This year's Memorial Service, hosted by Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons,  was held on a beautiful afternoon, and was attended by Her Excellency the Governor, Ms. Rena Lalgie,   U.S. Consul General Karen Grissette, Commandant of the Reserve Police Sandra Beach,  C.O. Royal Bermuda Regiment Lt. Col Ben Beasley, Commandant Reserve Police Mr. Ron-Michel Davis, and Police Chaplain Dr. Kevin Santucci.

Members of the BPS Colour Party 

The Bermuda Police Service Colour Party led the procession into the cemetery grounds where former police officers along with families and friends had gathered to watch the ceremony. 

Friends and families in attendance

Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons welcomed those present to the annual service. This was followed by a Moment of Silence and the playing of the Last Post by Lt. Sheldon Fox, Band Officer for the Royal Bermuda Regiment.  

Chaplain Santucci gave a Prayer of Reflection.

Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Carlton Adams read out the following Roll Call of 44 former police officers,  3 Reserve police officers, and 7 members of BPS staff,  who have died during the past 2 years.*

Honour Roll of former Bermuda  Police Officers,
Bermuda Reserve Police Officers and Staff who
have died during past 2 years
 Police Officers
Inspector Malcolm Fletcher                                          August 2021
Constable Peter Treves                                                August 2021
Constable Anthony “Tony” James Carr                        August 2021
Superintendent Campbell DeCosta Simons, QPM      September 2021
Sergeant Maxwell Williams                                         October 2021
Chief Inspector Tyrone Smith                                      February 2022
Constable Roger Blades                                              February 2022
Sergeant William “Willie” Woods                                 March 2022
Constable Vernon Lawrence Young                            April 2022
Constable Dalana Robinson                                       April 2022 
Superintendent William “Bill” Bryan                            May 2022
Cadet Michael Moniz                                                  May 2022 
Sergeant Ron Wallace                                                May 2022
Sergeant David Lunn                                                  May 2022
Constable James “Jim” McKay                                  June 2022
Constable David Oral Small                                       July 2022
Constable John Mulholland                                        July 2022
Sergeant David Gibbons                                             August 2022
Sergeant Huron Vidal (Missing)                                  August 2022 
Constable Cumial Rampersad                                    August 2022
Constable Frederick Beard                                         October 2022 
Sergeant Michael Leng                                               November 2022
Constable Christopher Oldfield                                   November 2022
Inspector Stuart Innes                                                 November 2022
Inspector Dudley Swan Sr                                          December 2022
Deputy Commissioner Harold Moniz                          January 2023
Sergeant Owen Marsh                                                January 2023 
Constable Tony Laughton                                           February 2023
Constable Raymond DeSilva                                      February 2023
Constable Ralph Lindo                                               February 2023 
Sergeant John Simmons                                            March 2023
Superintendent Sinclair White                                   March 2023
Constable Hector Watson                                          March 2023
Constable Terry Lee                                                   March 2023
Constable Kenneth Jones                                          April 2023
Constable Reginald Ramjohn (Notified April of 2023)      April 2012
Constable Melvin Gibbons                                         April 2023
Constable Gerald Harmer                                          May 2023
Inspector James “Reese” Bartley                               May 2023
Constable Michael “Randy” Vaucrosson                    May 2023
Sergeant Donald Grant                                              June 2023     
Assistant Commissioner Ian Morrison                       July 2023
Constable Delwyn Trott                                             Aug 2023 
Constable Robert “Al” McNaughton                          September 2023

Bermuda Reserve Police Officers 

Reserve Constable Everet Gibson                            November 2021
Reserve Constable Laverne Davis                            August 2022
Reserve Chief Inspector Mark Floyd                         June 2023

Bermuda Police Staff

Walter Stanley Welch                                                August 2021
Benson"Ben"Swan                                                    May 2022    
Karen Simmons                                                         July 2022
Margaret Elliott                                                          August 2022
Carole Royer                                                             November 2022
Carolyn Holdipp                                                        January 2023 
Elizabeth Phillips                                                      August 2023
H.E. Governor Rena Lalgie lays a wreath at the memorial
Commissioner Darrin Simons salutes after laying a wreath

This was followed by the Laying of Wreaths led by Her Excellency, Ms. Rena Lalgie,  Commissioner Darrin Simons,  Lt Col. Ben Beasley, Commandant Ron-Michel Davis,  and family members of those who have lost their loved ones.  The laying of wreaths was accompanied by Pipe Major Aidan Stones of the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band.

At the conclusuon of the service attendees were invited to a reception at the Police Recreation Club.

*  It is a customary during our Annual Memorial Service to read out an Honour Roll of those of our colleagues who have died in the two years preceding the Annual Service, and we rely on our members and friends to advise us when our former colleagues who no longer reside in Bermuda have passed away.  There are occasions when we hear of former colleagues who have died more than 2 years ago, and we always include these in the next Honour Roll List.

CLICK HERE  to viewed our List of our Deceased Colleagues on our ExPo website. If you know of anyone who has not been included please contact us at  


*  EDITORS NOTE -  Following closure of the Prospect Garrison and the subsequent takeover of the garrison properties by the Bermuda Police,  a portion of the Military Cemetery at Prospect was assigned for use by the Police for the burial of those of our colleagues who died whilst in service in cases where they did not have an affiliation with our local churches. In more recent years we have received requests from family members of those of our colleagues who have died either here in Bermuda or abroad, to have their ashes buried here, subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Police.