ExPo President Cal Smith

Seasons Greeting Colleagues and Friends


Dear Colleagues and Friends

As we come to the end of another eventful year, I want to take this time to express my appreciation to each of you for your continued hard work and commitment over the past 12 months.

This year the Coronavirus continued to be with us, so thank you all for protecting yourselves, your friends and colleagues so we could ensure people’s safety, while returning to some measure of normalcy in our day to day lives. We will continue to support those colleagues and friends that have lost loved ones over this period and continue to keep them in our thoughts and hearts.

I also want to express my sincere gratitude to you for your support and continuing efforts to maintain our regular communication with our friends and colleagues here in Bermuda and around the world. We have continued to support and share with each other and their families throughout this difficult period as we continued to deliver timely and important information, love and support to families that have lost loved ones while ensuring others remained safe and well.

Throughout these hard times, we have managed to increase our membership and external relationships; in addition, we have continued to motivate, uplift and inspire one another into 2023 and beyond.

So as we approach this holiday season, I am encouraging you to please take time to reflect, rejuvenate and most importantly, to be present and enjoy this special time with your families and loved ones. 

On behalf of the Bermuda Police Service Ex-Police Officers Association Executive and myself, I wish you a holiday season full of the Hope, Love, Joy and Peace that is yours. Please continue to be safe while having fun. Your executive are planning a number of fun filled events for 2023, and I look forward to seeing you all throughout this season and in the New Year!!

Calvin Smith, OTM