Young P.C. John Dale

We heard recently that John Dale just had knee replacement surgery and wrote to ask him how he’s doing with his recovery and how he’s doing in general. Here’s his reply-:

This is my second knee replacement having had my other last year. Recovering well. Got to keep up exercises and icing. I’m looking forward to going on long walks again which has been very restrictive as those with knee challenges would know. Fortunately, Betty and I compensate with regular swimming at the National pool.

By the way, I recommend the Bermuda Aquatics Centre to our members as they have a Senior Couples rate. It’s a great saving in a year and you can go as many times you want.

John provides an informative and humorous Historical Walking
Tour of Dockyard as a Captain in the Royal Engineers circa 1863. 
Visitors become British Colonists as they learn about
why the Royal Navy Dockyard was built.

I keep myself busy with ongoing home maintenance and ‘honey does ‘ church and lodge activity. I am still active in acting gigs in Dockyard (Historical Walking Tour) and St. George’s in different roles. Playing “The Grinch” in December. Keeps me out of trouble. Grandchildren are a pastime in themselves.

John the Pirate - Much photographed as he patrols
Dockyard, guiding visitors and answering their questions 

COVID wise Betty and I have been COVID free now having had four shots. We were in Portugal when COVID first began in China and our travels then put us just ahead of it before the world closed down. We were blessed as many, once it hit, were unable to travel for the longest while.

John and Betty overlooking the 25th April Bridge connecting
Lisbon to Almada on the left side of the Tagus River 

During the lockdowns in Bermuda we enjoyed our walks around our permitted circumference with lots to keep us busy at home.

Once restrictions were amended in various countries we started traveling again, very cautiously of course. We enjoyed a couple of trips to Florida, a cruise from NYC to Caribbean and back then England and in June this year we enjoyed a river cruise on the River Seine followed by a tour around France - Reims, Dijon, Strasbourg and Paris. Travel during COVID took more effort than normal but braving the obstacles and complying to protocols got us where we wanted to go. There were challenges at times but we braved them.

We had comical experience on one of our Florida trips when we booked our PCR test and traveled by Uber to a CVS pharmacy. On arrival we were told to drive round to the Drive-in for the tests. We told them we didn’t have a car !!!! Well we couldn’t take the test unless we did. They wouldn’t let us walk to the window so we hired another Uber. Ironically the driver parked too far from the window so I had to practically alight from the vehicle in order to submit the sample anyway !!!

Here we are at home now planning our trips for next year.

Eat well and travel often!

John and Betty


Editors note - John has already confirmed he plans to attend the annual pre-Christmas lunch organized by Dave Cook and Bily Butterworth, at Mad Hatters restaurant which is scheduled for Thursday 8th December.

My wife and I travelled over to England in October and went on a two week cruise from Dover, stopping off in towns and city’s in France, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, and on to Barcelona. We were on “Seabourn Ovation” and we now know what John means by “Eat well and travel often”!

We would love to hear from you about how you're coping with Covid - and advancing years  -  while you can still put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard!

6th November 2022