Former Sergeant Maxwell "Max" Williams
Served 1961 - 1967 

Young P.C. Max Williams

We were saddened to hear earlier this week that our good friend and colleague, former Sergeant Maxwell “Max” Williams  had passed away  in Mountain Ash, Wales, on 31st October 2021. We received the news from Max’s son, Lyndon Williams, who had recently heard about our annual Police Week Memorial Service at which we honour those of our former colleagues who have died during the preceding 2 years.  It is actually almost 2 years since Max died but we will make sure that his name is added to our Honour Roll.

Max was was born in Hereford in January 1940 and grew up in the nearby Forest of Dean. He left school and became a Police Cadet in the West Sussex Constabulary in 1956, then served as a young constable in Worthing in Sussex from 1959 - 1961.  It was in Worthing that he saw an advert at the police station inviting officers to apply to join the Bermuda Police Force.  He had also met his future wife Anna so they decided to take up the opportunity to come to Bermuda when Max's application was accepted.

Max joined the Bermuda Police on 21st  July 1961,  and was posted to Central Division, Hamilton on the beat.  He also spent some time as a member of Central Parish Constables team when Sgt Jim Woodward was in charge of Central Parishes. 

Members of Central Division Parish Constables- circa 1965
Top row – St. Clair "Brinky", Gerald "Gerry" James,
Harvey Fothergill, Max Williams, Aubrey Sinclair "Tom Copper" Johnson
Raymond "Sleepy" DeSilva, Dennis Meehan, Sgt Jim Woodward, 
Malcolm "Chalky" White and  Colin Jowett

Whilst working in Hamilton Max married his lovely wife, Anna (nee Gregory) in October 1961. They had two sons, Dale and Lyndon while they were here in Bermuda and they lived in Police housing at Prospect.

Max and Anna playing tourist at Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

After a spell as an Aide in Central CID in 1965,  Max transferred back to Central Division in July 1965, and in August 1966 he was promoted to Sergeant, remaining on a Watch in Hamilton.

Max received two Commissioner's Commendations whilst serving here in Bermuda.  In December 1963 he was commended for zeal and determination in a rresting a violent prowler who was convicted and sentenced to 6 months in prison. In August 1965 he was commended for zeal and initiative in investigating a case of housebreaking.

Max and Anna made a decision to move on from Bermuda, and in July 1967, they headed to Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada where another former Bermuda policeman, John Bailey and his family had also decided to move to Vancouver Island.  Lynden recalls that both the Wiliams’ and Bailey families later moved to Ontario where Max and John joined the same company, Allstate Insurance.

Lyndon says, “Dad was promoted to District Sales Manager, but in 1976 we moved back to 'the mother country' of England. Unfortunately, mum and dad divorced while we were living in England, and after five years there dad returned to Canada's west coast and started his own business selling insurance. He also played an important role in their local Chamber of Commerce. Eventually, he navigated his way back to the UK and became a property developer in west Wales until his retirement. 

"During his time as a property developer he owned two homes in France and one in Florida.

"Dad had an avid interest in rugby but had unfortunately sustained a shoulder injury that resulted in his playing days ending far earlier than he would have liked. However, he became secretary of Kingsbridge Rugby Club in the late 1970s. I recently planted a tree to remember him at the side of the pitch there." 

Max and Anna had four sons, Dale and Lyndon who were both born in Bermuda, and Cameron and Shelby.  Anna is still close with her sons and has settled in Cymbach near Aberedare in South Wales.

Max with his four boys outside  O'Neall's in Cardiff – circa 2000.
(l-r) Cameron, Shelby (youngest) , Dale (eldest), Lyndon and Max.

Lyndon expressed interest in perhaps coming to Bermuda to scatter his father’s ashes here and to attend our Annual Police Week Memorial Service.  

We offer our sincere condolences to his family.

23rd September 2023


EDITORS NOTE -  We received this sad news from Lyndon just prior to the Annual Police Week Memorial  Service held on Sunday 1st October 2023, during which we read out an Honours List of all of those police officers, Reserve police officers and civilian staff who have died in the preceding 2 years.  The name of Sgt Maxwell "Max" Williams was added to our list, and you can CLICK HERE  to view a video of the Memorial Service including the reading out of our Honours List by retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Carlton Adams.