Sergeant Ian Scotland

We have just heard sad news of the death of retired Inspector Ian Scotland here in Bermuda on 21st November at the age of 79.

Ian was born and raised in Newcastle, and had served in the Royal Military Police from 1957 - 1960.  He joined the Bermuda Police on 24th September 1963 and attended Basic Training Course #4 along with 9 other new recruits from the UK.

Basic Training Course No. 4      September - December 1963
Back Row (l-r)  P.C's Alan Kennedy, Len Mustard, Robert Holdbrook,
Ian Scotland, Malcolm Robishaw, Alex Forbes
Front Row   -  P.C's Dave Chew and Alan Wilkinson, Sgt John Cafferkey, Chief Inspector
Roy Chandler, P.C. Andrew Heggie (Instructor) and P.C.'s Ian Douris and Terry Lambert

An active sportman Ian, along with many young policemen took up playing squash on the former British Army court built at Prospect in the 1930's.  This court served as the home base  of the Bermuda Squash Rackets Association until 1968, and the Police players quickly improved their standard of play.  Ian, along with Clive Donald, Roger Sherratt, Arthur Rose, and later Eric Sanderson, Ray Banks, and Barrie Mancell, enjoyed playing for the Pollce team against visiting Royal Navy ships and also the Bermuda team at the time of the first Rosebowl tournaments played between Bermuda and the Bahamas. In an effort to maintain maximum fitness Ian would play in a light-weight rubber wet suit and wear a weighted belt!

Police Team Players
(l-r)  Ian Scotland, Clive Donald and Roger Sherratt

Ian met his wife Cathy here in Bermuda. Cathy was a nurse at King Edward Hospital, and they were married in October 1965.

Ian must surely have worked in more Police departments than anyone else who has ever served in the Force.  He started on the beat in Hamilton, and was transferred to Beach Squad where he earned a commendation for keen observations and good work in arresting and convicting four youths for beach thefts.  Following his stint on Beach Squad he transferred to Operations (Traffic), then to C.R.O. (Fingerprints)  before moving on to Motor Cycle Section.  Ian worked for a while in the Murder Room and at Government House,  then "F" Department, Training School, followed by time in Central Uniform,  C.R.O. for a second spell, the P.R. Office, as Officer in Charge of the Police Cadets,  Officer in Charge of Task Force, and as the Supreme Court Officer.    

Promoted to Sergeant in April 1970,  Ian was promoted to Inspector in January 1979. He was awarded the Colonial Police Long Service and Good Conduct medal in September 1981, and retired from the Police on 2nd October 1988.

Following his retirement Ian worked for several years at Sonesta Beach Hotel, but he led a very quiet life and although he and Kathy remained in Bermuda,  we saw very little of him in later years.

An obituary for Ian has been published in the Royal Gazette and can be viewed at  We will publish any details of funeral arrangements as we receive them.  

Ian was certainly a character who will be remembered by all those who worked with him.

17th January 2018

UPDATE  -  We have just received the following from Cathy Scotland who was extremely grateful for all the kind comments made about Ian by so many of his friends and former colleagues, both here on our website and in the article on our ExPo Facebook page which reached some 1200 people (see

Ian and Cathy Scotland at the Police Club - 1970

Message from Cathy Scotland:

I would like to thank all the ex police colleagues & friends who expressed their condolences on the passing of Ian, also the kind comments to myself. As per Ian's wishes, he was cremated here in Bermuda in full Sunderland supporters outfit. His ashes will be scattered at Roker Park sometime in the future.


Cathy Scotland


Jerome Simons
I was saddened to learn of Chief Scotlands passing...I remember him as a very quiet but well diciplined Policeman who taught me a lot...There was an occasion that whilst he was attached to CRO,he had to go to the mortuary to photograph the body of a man who had hung himself 2 weeks before...He was badly decomposed..Chief Scotland asked me as a new Cadet to accompany him to the hospital to assist with this task...I willingly accepted not knowing what I was getting myself into..Off we the morgue..where he pulled this table out of the freezer to display the body...He claimed that I turned a different color and I truly believe that I did..especially when he asked me to move the table so he could better focus his leg was not long enough as my hands refused to go near that table...For months after,I saw that image everywhere I went and especially in my sleep..Chief Scotland was indeed a good Policeman and good person...180
Tony Laughton
So very sorry to hear of Ian's passing. We had first met on a Course at Bishopsgarth, (U.K.) in the late summer of 1972. I was on a 'Senior Constables Course' with The Derbyshire Police and he was on an Overseas Course of some kind. Undoubtedly, it was his influence and advice, with the promise of great opportunities and great times, that was the reason for my joining the BPS in the first place! Of course I joined the following May in 1973. We didn't ever work in the same section, but when our paths did cross, he was always very supportive. To Cathy, my sincere condolences. Tony Laughton. 'Bumper', (Ex PC 410)
Knew Ian and his wife for many years. Very private people but did socialize but was one of those Romeo and Juliet type marriages that worked.Well known by the local diddly-bops in the early 70's and was a no-nonsense man when it came to the law et al.Played many a game of Squash with him and Gerald James and Clive back in the 60's at Prospect then the Courts opened at Nationals east end.We seem to be loosing a few but their presence sure mde the difference and not like others.Shalom.
Chris Oldfield
Sad news about Ian's passing. He was my Shift Inspector on 'B' Watch Central in 1986, & I remember him as one of the kindest, friendliest officers I ever worked for, always ready to help or give advice when needed.RIP Ian, one of the best. Sincerest condolences to Cathy.
Chris Oldfield
Sad to hear of Ian's passing. He was my Shift Inspector on "B" Watch Central in Hamilton in 1986, & I remember him as one of the kindest, friendliest officers I ever worked for.He was also, if I remember rightly, a keen student of military history & collector of model soldiers, & I still have a book on uniforms which he gave me.A smashing bloke, one of the best. My sincere condolences to Cathy.
Ray Banks
I'm very sorry to hear that Ian has died. He was very friendly to me when I first arrived in Bermuda in 1964. We spent lots of time together swimming, running, and playing volleyball at Elbow Beach. Always thought he was a native of Sunderland. He certainly was an avid supporter of Sunderland F.C.My condolences to Cathy.Editors note - Many thanks for your kind comments Ray. I, too remember Ian as an avid sportsman, and always on the "go". According to the brief record held at Police HQ he was born in Newcastle, but I'm sure you are correct in saying he was a native of Sunderland - and definitely a big Sunderland fan.
Colin Mackenzie
Sorry to hear of Ian's passing. I remember playing squash and football with him and, as Mike said, Ian would always have time for you to explain something or just chit-chat - a real good guy. My condolences to his family.
Peter brown
Sorry to hear about the passing of Ian.Scotty was my sergeant for a time whilst serving on anti riot duties during 1970/71.Condolonces to the family.
Mike Jent
His willingness to help and show how will always be remembered, including his directions to the squash court where he showed myself and others how to play the game.So sad to hear of your passing Ian, thank-you and may you rest in peace1

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