The Royal Gazette (11th January 2022) reported that a new Police Commissioner could be announced soon, according to their sources.

The article reads -  

The appointment of a new Commissioner of Police has likely already been made, sources said yesterday.

One familiar with the recruitment process said an announcement could come soon if a Bermudian has been picked to take over as the head of the service.

Another source said that if an overseas candidate had been selected, the announcement would probably come later because terms and contracts would have to be drawn up.

Darrin Simons, a Bermudian, is the Acting Commissioner of Police after Stephen Corbishleyresignedin October, three years into a five-year term.

Advertising for a replacement started that month and asked for candidates who were, or had recently, held the rank of superintendent or higher.

A spokeswoman for Government House said this week that the recruitment process was “ongoing”.

She added that the post had been advertised on the island and overseas and that the closing date was November 1 last year.

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