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In the midst of all the major issues we currently face with the  Covid pandemic and the rapid rise of the Omicron variant as the new year begins,   it might seem rather odd for us to bring to your attention to a relatively minor story published in the Royal Gazette on 5th January 2022, but  for reasons I hope will become obvious, I thought our ExPo members might be interested in this article about members of the BPS stopping a car which apparently had tinted windows.

It was initially alleged that a family was "abandoned at the side of the road" after a traffic stop on Monday  when police officers were checking vehicles  along Middle Road, Devonshire near Garthowen Road as part of the road safety programme Operation Vega.  The incident resulted in social media complaints about the way the police officers had dealt with the incident.   

As a result of these complaints the Acting COP Darrin Simons subsequently held a press conference the next day during which he made a strong defence of the actions of the officers and said he was satisfied after a review of the officers' body camera footage that they had "handled themselves professionally, courteously and empatheticallyā€¯  when they pulled over and impounded a car for an illegal windscreen tint.

CLICK HERE to view the press conference given by ACOP Simons. The video is shown courtesy of the BPS official website.

Now for the reason for publishing this matter on our ExPo website!  I'm sure that many of our ExPo members had retired or left the BPS prior to the time when young P.C. Darrin Simons first joined the Service, but we will all have worked under a number of Commissioners, some of whom were not the most adept at handling the "press"!  

I wonder, first of all, what you, as former police officers, think of the way these police officers handled initial incident, and secondly,  what do you think about the way ACOP Simons handled the press conference?  

We now have a new system for you to post your comments but it involves logging into our site and going through a procedure which I hope in the near future will be second nature to all of our members and friends.   But in the meantime, if you would like to add your comments please send them to me either through our website email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or through my personal email, and I will advise you of the procedure for being able to log in and make comments directly.

CLICK HERE to read the full report on the press conference in the Royal Gazette

Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy 2022.


Craig Morfitt
Kudos to the Acting Commissioner for his prompt response to address the misinformation that was spreading on social media.

This case demonstrates how body worn cameras can serve to protect officers from false allegations. The presence of camera footage also, no doubt, provided the Acting Commissioner with the evidence that he needed to publicly refute the allegations that have been made.

Well done also to the officers on the scene, who evidently went above and beyond to try to assist the members of the public, after their illegally tainted vehicle had been impounded.

Editors note - Fully agreed Craig. It was very encouraging to hear some time ago that the BPS had embraced and introduced the use of body cameras. Not only do they allow police officers to monitor their interactions with the public, they must surely also be a constant reminder that their own actions are going to be caught on camera.

Charlie Mooney
I agree with Terry and Davie. I worked with ACOP Simons for many years and he is certainly very capable of conducting a Press Conference even if it is an antagonistic one!
Territt Cabral
I have to agree with Davie on this one.
Nice to be back.

Editors note - I believe the "comments" section is an essential part of our ExPo website and delighted we ae finally back in action.

Davie Kerr
It would appear to me, admittedly from 4000 miles away, that the motorists concerned have been as un-co-operative with the Police as possible and the Police have yet again been vilified simply for doing their best to do their job. I haven't gone through the whole press conference video with Acting CoP Simons, but I certainly can't fault what I saw.

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