We received this photograph last week after putting out a request for a photo of one of these officers who had sadly just passed.  We were having great difficulty in finding a photo of the  officer in question because we couldn't locate his personal file.  Fortunately we were able to find one, but in the meantime we thought it appropriate to post this one to remember happier days, and also to test your collective memories.  Can you name all 19 of these men and women? Can you also let us know where, when and why it was taken, and advise who is no longer with us?

31st March 2021.

Davie Kerr
No idea where, when or why that was taken, but "to the best of my knowledge and belief" the participants are:-Back from L:- Pete Morgan, Devonish Small, Mike Chlebek, Sean Field-Lament, ?, Phil Lewis, Phil Taylor.Middle from L:- ?Colin Paynter?, ?, Mike DeSilva, ?, Greg Grimes, ?, Kevin Reeves.Front from L:- Sharman Cariah/Marcus, Val Holder, George Babb, ?, ?.Editors note - We're getting there with this group Davie. Will check to see if anyone else can assist with the presently unknowns.
Charlie Mooney
This would have been a Sergeants Management Course conducted by Sussex Police Instructors Chief Inspector Alan (Wings) Wingrove and Terry SmithEditors nite -- Many thanks Charlie

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