We had recently received this photograph from Kate Shaw (Byrne) following the death of her father Denis Byrne in London on 16th February 2017. (See article under Latest News at  http://expobermuda.com/index.php/latest-news/553-dennis-byrne-seriously-ill

Kate wrote to say that Denis had fond memories of his time in the Bermuda Police Force and he is, of course, one of the guys in the photo.

This was clearly a group of rugby players taken over 50 years ago and we understood  they were all travelling on an historic tour.  We were hoping to identify everyone on the tour  and to also obtain as many details as possible about who organized it and why, where did they travel to, and how did they enjoy the trip.

We included the two blow-ups below to assist in identifying the participants.  We asked if anyone could provide any useful information and suggested that answers be posted in the "Comments" section below the article.




11th April 2017

UPDATE -   We have made considerable headway in ascertaining the names of the young men who took part in this historic rugby tour to the United States as you can see in the comments section below, but we are now awaiting confirmation of all their names along with other details of the tour itself and who organized it.  We hope to publish these details within a matter of days.

12th April

LATEST UPDATE  -  We were absolutely delighted to receive a letter today from John Rawson in Nottingham, providing us with full details of the Renegades Rugby Football Club tour to the U.S. which took place from May 22nd - May 31st 1964. John has provided with details contained in the tour programme which includes the names of the Touring Committee,  the Selection Committee, the Tour Schedule, and a comprehensive list of each of the 23 players which provides not only their names, but their ages, weight, position on the team, occupations, previous rugby clubs, and their club affiliation in Bermuda. They all played for Renegades, the Police Team, or BAA.


Dennis BYRNE  (Police)
Terrence "Terry" DRAYCOTT (Renegades)
Alexander "Alex" FORBES (Police)
Henry GODFREY (Renegades)
George HAMMOND (Renegades)
Robert HARRIS (Renegades)
Keith HILL (BAA)
Richard HOLT (Renegades)
Alastair LANE (Police)
David "Dave" LUNN (Police)
Ewan McLAY (BAA)
Geoffrey MOORE (Renegades)
Terrence "Terry" MURPHY (Club in Bermuda not included?)
Peter NASH (Renegades)
Anthony "Tony" NUTTALL (Renegades)
John RAWSON (Police)
Douglas ROBERTS (Renegades)
Jack ROUSE (Police) Jack is not listed in the official prgramme.
Malcolm SANTER (Renegades)
Brian SCARSBROOK (Renegades)
Frank SYKES (Police)
Thomas "Taffy" THOMAS (Police)
Michael WATSON (BAA)
We are fairly sure  there was one more player from the Police RFC, and that was Jack Rouse who is standing third from left at the top of the stairway looking back towards  Dave Lunn.  Quite a few persons have responded to the photo and have listed most of those in it, but a few of the players are still not idenintified as to where they are standing.
The mystery of the player wearing a pithe helmet and his dressing gown has been solved.  It is none other than Alastair LANE.
The Schedule for the tour includes five matches against Westchester RFC,  New York RFC, a Combined Metropolitan Side, Columbia Old Blues RFC, and Manhatton RFC.  We do not have details of the results, perhaps shrouded in beer, but would appreciate any comments from those who made the tour. 


6th March 2017

We received the following information from Peter Nash who was on this tour and is standing immediately behind Denis Byrne and in front of Jack Rouse at the top of the stairway.  When asked if he could remember the tour Peter responded:-

"Certainly can – What a blast from the past J. I remember Denis (Byrne) very well, sorry to hear of his passing – we used to chat a lot about driving techniques.

That was a Renegades RFC tour to New York in 1964.

In addition to Denis you will also find Alex Forbes at the bottom of the steps, George Hammond halfway up with Terry Draycott just over his left shoulder, I think Dave Lunn at the very top and I think just in front of him turned away from the camera Jack Rouse. Also on the right at the very top looks like another Police blazer badge but I can’t come up with the name. The one holding the ball is Phil Taylor I think.

Then there are some Renegades – Bob Harris, Henry Godrey, Bryan Scarsbrook, Malcolm Santer, Doug Roberts, Ewan McClay, Keith Hill – those are the only names I can recall."

Many thanks Peter.  You are spot on except for the name of the man holding the rugby ball and apparently wearing his dressing gown!  It is not Phil Taylor, nor is it Pat O'Riordon.  It is one of the police players, Alastair "Bronco" Lane.


21st September 2022

As a result of revent  enquiries from Kirsty (Lane) Jones, the daughter of now deceased Alastair "Bronco" Lane,  we are in the process of finally being able to identify everyone in their position in this photo and will do so as soon as we have completed the list and captions.