Believe it or not, we have been in possession of this photograph for several years but it disappeared in a "pending" file that remained unopened until a recent enquiry about whether we could find it.  There are no prizes for guessing that it's a Divisional photo, and that it's located in front of St. Peter's Church in St. George's.  We are not sure exactly how many people are in the photo,  possibly 74, which makes it the biggest we have ever published, and we wonder how many we can identify. We would also ask if you can figure out the year when it was taken, although we may have the actual day month and year.

Our biggest problem is trying to make sure you have the best chance of identifying everyone so we have divided the photo into four sections.  Can you use these enlarged photos to list everyone?



Photo 1 (bottom left)

 Photo 2 (Bottom right)


 Photo 3 (top left)


 Photo 4 (top right)

                  ........                            .........                    ...........

                                           ........                    ..........                      ...........

                            ..............                    ..........                 ...........                ........



Roger Sherratt
This is just a test to see how the system works.
Davie Kerr
Following on from my previous posting,
Pic 3, back row from L:- Andy Boyce in civvies, believe Frank Wood last on right.
3rd back row, Sandy Duncan in civvies in front of Andy: can't help with anyone else.
5th back row, last two on right are I think John Sweeting and Steve Cosham.
Pic 4, back row from L:- last 2 are Garic Swainson(in uniform and Stuart Crockwell in civvies.
In front of and between those two, possibly Ed Peach?
Next row down, Pete Clarke in civvies.
Row behind Sgts, Derek Carlington extreme L and maybe Fitz Walkes extreme R?
Sorry, not my best effort!
Time-wise, I'd go for late '70s....

Davie Kerr
Hoo boy! This is going to be a right tester for the memory banks. "To the best of my knowledge and belief, Your Worships", ID's are as follow:-
Pic 1, front row from L:- Annie Ramirez (Traffic Warden), Roseanne Meinzer, Campbell Simons, Lenny Edwards, Clive Donald.
2nd row from L:- Ron Wallace, Derek Smith, Donald Grant, Davie Gibbons, LeGay Farley, Devoye Fraser.
3rd row from L:- ?, Don DeSilva, ?, possibly Neil Topping, ?.
Pic 2, front from L:- Fred "Penny" Bean, Harold Moniz, Winston Esdaille, ?, ?.
2nd row from L:- Steve Petty, Eddie Edwards, Stuart Donaldson, Dave Purcell, Clyde "Tango" Burgess.
3rd row from L:- Sorry, can't help there at all!
The pic's a bit fuzzy and the fish-eye lens doesn't help either, but I appreciate you wouldn't have been able to get everyone in otherwise!
I'll try pics 3 & 4 in my next posting....

Territt Cabral
I don't think this is an Eastern Division photo per sey.

Editors note - Why not Terry? I do realize it's a very large group but I've had someone say how disappointed they were not to be in it because they were off Island when it was taken as a Divisional photo. Can you see anyone in it that is not from Eastern?

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