How to frighten small children!


Would you believe it!  We were assured that this young constable whose presence on the streets would surely frighten young children,  was hired as a Bermuda Police Constable not long after this photo was taken.  We  know that he had a haircut and tidied himself up prior to his interview in London. We wanted to confirm exactly who he is, what's the police uniform he's wearing, along with where and when this awful photo was taken.  We also hoped to get a confession, or an explanation from the officer in question?

Unfortunatey, our comments section has not been working for some time so we had no response on ur website but we also ran it on our ExPo Facebook page (CLICK HERE to view our facebook page), and after several guesses we had Brian Fosterhit the naiul on the head and  correctly identify this young man as our good friend and former colleague,  

It is indeed Ken Van Thal, and he’s wearing the Hampshire Police uniform, so we needed to have an explanation from Ken who prvided us with the following explanation:-

“The photo was taken in the late 60's or early 70's I was a PC at Andover police station and it was just before an Isle of Wight Pop Festival. The Drugs Squad were at the nick and the wig was part of their equipment to blend in with the festival goers. Someone suggested I put the wig on for a photo by a panda car. Seems like yesterday and I can’t believe it was over 50 years ago.”

Ken subsequently joined the Bermuda Police and served here from 1971-1973 before returning to the UK where he joined the Met Police. While here he kept his hair fairly short!