It was reported in today’s Royal Gazette (10th December 2015) that retired Detective Superintendent Victor Marshall has been hired to help formulate plans to modernise the BPS's disciplinary regime.

The professional standards co-ordinator for the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales was responsible for implementing the recommendations of an independent review of the police disciplinary system in England and Wales, and creating the legislation and regulatory framework for the updated system.

CLICK HERE for the article in the Royal Gazette.

In the same article you can find a VIDEO of Commissioner Michael DeSilva providing details of the BPS Strategic Plan for the next 3 years.

Now this is funny to me.Jeff Sanders put me on a charge for failing to obtain a sick certificate 46 years ago.I was sick and did get one a day after I returned to work. I forgot.Nobby Clark was Supt 'D'.He Admonished me.When I left in 1985 Commissioner Bean gave me a Certificate later stating that my 'Conduct was Satisfactory'.Should have said "Exemplary".Irony.Shalom.

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