Young Sergeant Gary Perinchief (Takbir Sharrieff)

We were deeply saddened to hear that former Sergeant Gary Perinchief (now Takbir Sharieff) passed away on Wednesday 27th December 2017, after a long illness.

Gary joined the Bermuda Police in March 1963 as a member of Basic Training Course No. 3, and was followed the next year by his brother Wayne.

Police Training Course #3 -  April - June 1963
Top Row (l-r)  Neville Darrell, Gilmore "Gil" Simons, Thomas Barton, Gary Perinchief (Takbir Sharrieff), 
Campbell Simons, Christopher Fludgate, Lloyd Rhoda, Lawrence "Mincy" Rawlins
Seated -  Melvin Gibbons, Marilyn Simmons, Sgt James Moir, 
Chief Insp. Roy Chandler, Pearl Perinchief, and Frederick "Freddie" Aubrey

After Training School he served at first in Central Division (Hamilton) and was transferred to Operations, Cycle Squad in 1965, where he was a member an excellent group of officers investigating cycle thefts, patrolling the Island dealing with traffic offences and often being first responders to emergencies.

Cycle Squad Crew 1965
l-r (standing) -  Dick Murphy, Andy Bermingham, Neville Darrell, Tony Watson, Mike Caulkett,
Gary Perinchief, and Dick Johnson, along with (kneeling) Sergeant Sean Sheehan and Geoff Hunt.  


In 1966 Gary was transferred to Operations Dog Section, a posting that he really enjoyed there until the Section was closed down in 1970.

In April 1970 he was promoted to Sergeant and was transferred to Central Uniform in October 1971

Gary was always keen on keeping fit and he took part in the first ever Police Mini-Marathon held on 19th December 1969 in which members ran a six mile course from the Police Club down Middle Road to Flatts Village, and back along North Shore Road.

Participants take off at the start of the first Police Mini-Marathon 1965
Gary Perinchief (holding a towel) is immediately behind Dave Kerr  - but not for long!

This photograph was featured in our "Who, When and Where" column at  It was one of the most difficult photos we have had for trying to identify everyone in it, although we managed to account for most of the participants and spectators.

Gary was  a member of the Police Tug o’ War team despite the fact that he only weighed 160 lbs as a recruit. Believe it or not, this was an advantage to the team as explained by another ”skinny” member of the team, Ray Sousa in a note below this article. The story of how the Police Team defeated allcomers, including teams far larger in size, has become part of Bermuda Police legend as can be seen in an article on the History of the Police Tug-o-War Team written by Pat McBride which can be found on our webste at

Victorious Bermuda Police Team - 1969 Agricultural Show Tug o' War Champions 
(l-r) Pat McBride, Davie Kerr, Gary Perinchief, Owen Marsh, Barrie Mancell, 
Ray Sousa, Keith Pratt, Mike Caulkett and Mike Parris

Gary also played a vital role in organizing the first Police Pedal Cycle Gymkhana held back in 1969 in Bernard Park

 Gary Perinchief and Roger Sherratt working in the
Police Caravan during the first Cycle Gymkhana

The idea of holding pedal cycles races for children came from Ray Sousa, who, along with Gary and Roger Sherratt created a two day programme of cycle races, including short sprints and long distance, slalom, and slow races (where the slowest rider who completed the race without falling over was the winner). The trio went out to all the schools to promote it to schoolchildren, and they also went out to seek sponsors. Off duty police officers and cadets volunteered their services; the Police Motor Cycle Display Team put on a magnificent display which helped to attract huge audiences, and the whole event was deemed a great success. The Cycle Gymkhana is still held every year at the Police Field during Police Week.

Roger Sherratt comments, “Gary and I have often talked about our involvement with Ray in the gymkhana and it was clearly something he was always very proud of, as he was about serving in the Bermuda Police Force and especially the friendships he made during that time.

There is mention of the Police Pedal Cycle Gymkhana and Gary’s involvement in it an article written by Ray Sousa in our “Then and Now” column which can be found at and also in our article on the History of the Police Pedal Cycle Gymkhana at 

Gary received three Commissioners Commendations during his service, one of which probably ranks as unique. This was awarded to him in August 1964 “for observation and investigations resulting in the arrest and breaking up of a gang who were taking part in orgies”!

His second commendation in November 1965 was for excellent observation while off duty, arresting two seamen who were removing cycles, and the third in September 1967 was “for diving into the sea fully clothed to arrest a person who had escaped from police custody."

Editors note - While Takbir was in the hospital in serious condition I visited him and passed on best wishes from his good friend Mike Caulkett who had served with him in Cycle Squad, and was also a fellow member of the unbeatable tug 'o war team,  together with following personal message from Ray Sousa:-

Raymond Sousa

"Gary you will always in my mind be young, fit, and mischievous, fun to work with. I recall you and I following orders pretending to be skinny, and weak at the Agriculture Show at the first tug-of war completion.  Your performance should have won an Academy Award.  The idea was to get people to bet against the Police Tug A-War competition, which we won.  In fact we never lost a competition.

“Then there was the fun we had when on patrol together.

When the concept developed  of organizing a Cycle Gymkhana for schoolchildren, you made it clear you wanted to be the "Black Dude " in our three man "Mod Squad" with Roger Sherratt and myself.  You helped break down barriers, which I do not think we could have on our own.  At the end of the first competition you stated, " Do you realize the three of us held the whole island in the palm of our hands for two whole days".

I know you have always been a man of faith.  As we get old we learn to accept that at all times we have always been, and always will be in the palm of God's hands.  That will never change.  It is an honour to be your friend.  Look after yourself.”
Ray Sousa.    

Gary decided to leave the Police on 16th August 1972 and went on to have a successful career in Security, working for many years at Elbow Beach Hotel.

Sadly, he was in ill health during the past couple of years but fought hard until the end.

After leaving the Police Force Gary changed his name to Takbir Sharrieff.

Takbir is survived by his wife of over 50 years, Edna, their children Gaynelle, Tracey, Diallo, Khari, Kareema, Bismillah and Karriem, and grandchildren, along with his siblings Wayne, Phil, Jerome, Gaylia, Donna, Carmen, Patricia, Lauren, Wanda and Romel.  He will be greatly missed by his large family and many friends including his former colleagues in the Bermuda Police.

A funeral service will be held on  Saturday, December 30, 2017 at Masjid Muhammad #1, Cedar Avenue, at 11am

An obituary for Takbir was published by the Royal Gazette on 28th December and can be found at