Young P.C. Henry John Charles "Harry" Leman

We are sad to report that it was reported in Today's Royal Gazette (12th January 2017) that one of our former colleagues, P.C. Henry "Harry" Leman has recently passed away.

Harry hailed from Kings Lynn in England and he had served for 2 years in the Royal Marines prior to joining the Bermuda Police in August 1956.  He served in Central Division (Hamilton), Western Division, and Operations, before being posted to the Marine Section.  We have very few people around who may still remember Harry, but I recall him being our duty driver in Hamilton shortly after I arrived here in 1964, and he was a very amiable guy who was ideally suited to serve in Marine Section.  We believe he left the Island shortly after leaving the Force

By coincidence we heard in October last year that Harry was residing in a Rest Home in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, in the same home as the mother of George Rose's wife's mother.  Sandra was visiting the rest home and when the nurses heard of her connection with Bermuda,  they introduced Sandra to Harry. They had a brief chat about Bermuda, and Sandra presented him with a souvenir bottle of pink sand which he was delighted to receive.

We extend our sincere condolences to Harry's son Scott who still resides on Island, and to the Leman family.  Harry's obituary can be found in the Royal Gazette at