Jeff Baron

Our good friend and former colleague, Jeff Baron, is featured in an article written by Jessie Moniz Hardy in today’s Royal Gazette about the recent publication of his first novella, “Just South of Faithful”.  And “NO”, it’s not an expose about his time in the Bermuda Police Service!

As the Royal Gazette reports,  “In March, Jeff Baron published his first novella, Just South of Faithful. Given that he is a former Minister of National Security known for publishing articles in criminology journals, some people were surprised by the spicy romance in the book.

“ ‘It has sexual content,’ he said. ‘Some people have commented that I really leant in on that. It is a story about a four-day affair between two adults, so naturally, there is going to be sex.’

Just South of Faithful is about a brother and sister who discover a mysterious shoebox in a closet, while cleaning up after their mother’s death. Inside the box is evidence that their mother, Laura Becker, had a brief, but passionate affair over Cup Match 1985, despite being married.

“The story was inspired by Mr Baron’s friend’s discovery of her mother’s infidelity, in a similar way.

“ ‘The story stuck with me,’ Mr Baron said. ‘Last year, I was in Montana when I suddenly thought, I want to write a story. I was driving in the car with my son, Jack, on our way to see the Old Faithful geyser in Wyoming, when we passed a road sign that said ‘South of Faithful’. I thought, that would be an amazing title for a book.”  

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Basic Training Course No. 50        April-July 1995
Back Row (l-r)  P.C's Quennel Robinson, Warren Bundy, Timothy Herbert, Robert  Butterfield, Carl Vincent
Middle row -  Instructor P.C. Stuart Kirkpatrick,  P.C. Francis Vazquez, WPC Lewis, P.c. Jeffrey Baron,
WPC Charlene Thompson, P.C. Michael Brangman, Instructor P.C. Lightbourne
Front row -  Sgt Peter Giles, Inspector Tony Smith, C.O.P. Colin Coxall, Supt Alan Bissell,
C/Insp Jonathan Smith, Sgt Michael DeSilva.


Jeff joined the BPS in April 1995 and attended Basic Training Course #50.  In August 1995 he started duties at Echo Quebec, the first batch of officers assigned to guard the recently closed US Base. He was then posted to Central ‘B’ Watch in October 1995 and served there until 1998, when he transferred to Narcotics. Also, in November 1998 he passed the 6-week Emergency Response Team (ERT)  course and then joined the ERT as a firearms officer as ERT team member #17. 

Editors note -  Members of the Emergency Response team are tasked with dealing with major emergencies including incidents involving firearms.


Members of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) on exercise

In September 2000 Jeff moved to the newly formed Public Order/Officer safety training at in Police Headquarters under Pete Morgan as an instructor. 

Jeff was promoted to Sergeant in November 2004 and was attached to Training School as the RFC Coordinator and Drill Sergeant. 

In May 2006 he passed the Inspectors exam and was appointed as Acting Inspector of the PSU, but in December 2006 he resigned to enter deployment in the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. 

During his 9 years of service he received two Commissioner commendations, numerous letters of good work and the Queens Golden Jubilee award. 

Jeff went on to serve in the OBA. He became a Senator, and in 2017 he was elected to the House of Assembly.  During that time he was appointed as the National Security Minister.  After 5 years in politics Jeff again made a career change and he joined Bittrex Global (Bermuda) Ltd as their Chief Compliance Officer. 

We wish Jeff good luck with his book sales, and in his chosen career.