John Price

Greetings from an “Honorary Bobby!” – We’ve just heard from our old friend John Price who was visited recently at his home in Javea, opposite Ibiza on the Spanish mainland, by Moby Pett and several members of his family who were vacationing in Spain.  John had written to us about a photo we had published recently in our “Who, Where and When” column under the title, “It’s a crippling game”! The game, of course is rugby and you can CLICK HERE to view the photo.   

John arrived on Island in May 1970 to work at the Bank of Bermuda and he was cajoled into joining the Police Rugby Team by the legendary Tom Gallagher even though he  was a football player at the time. John was a talented kicker and took to rugby like a duck to water.  He was a regular member of our rugby team throughout his time in Bermuda and took care of public relations for the team   John met and married his wife Ann whilst on Island, and they eventually returned to the UK where John has stayed in regular touch with many of their old Bermuda friends. 

Bermuda Police Rugby Team 1975-1976 Season
Back row (l-r)  Paul Davis, Mike Ross, John Balsden, Bob Massey, Barry Higham, 
Keith Cassidy, Alex Arnfield, Dave Lunn Jr. Nick DeChenu, Peter Stubbs. 
Middle row -  Bob Borland, Eric Boardman, Ivan Davies, Paul Field, 
John Lynch-Wade, Dave Lunn, Phil Every, Jeff Baker, John Williams. 
Front row -  Pat O'Riordon, Ron Beech, Tommy Gallagher, 
Bill Butterworth, John Price, Pat Hamlett, Phil Taylor.

John has written to say, “I met up with Moby while he was over with his brother, sister in law and cousin. Still as 'curmudgeonly' as ever but good company!

I keep in touch otherwise with Bill Butterworth, Bill Nixon, Dai Thomas, Angus Brown, Ivan Davies, Dave Walker, Ken VanThal, Helen Gallagher, Chris Thomas, Sharyn Bowden (ex Cassidy), Kathy Williams, plus others less frequently.

Ann & I are now more or less living full time in Spain & our house in Shropshire is sold. Have spent February to October refurbishing our house in Javea, having downsized to a "future proof" villa!

I’ve just finished radiotherapy & hormone therapy for prostate cancer, which seems to have been successful and I urge all my old mates to get their PSA checked at least annually.

Otherwise just the usual inconveniences of anno domini, which most of us will share to some extent. I am still involved with a cancer charity & Ann does a lot of walking. All 3 generations of our family will be in Javea (or Xabia in Valenciano) this Christmas.

Please pass on best wishes and a Merry Christmas to all of our old friends.  John is considered to be an Honorary Bermuda Police Officer and you can CLICK HERE for an article about him in our 'Then and Now' column.