We recently received this photo of a very impressive "Green Team" from our old friend Dave Garland and we wondered how many people could identify all the players, several of whom would have been recognizable by rugby fans around the world.  We also wanted to know the name of the  team, what was the occasion and where and when was this photo taken?  We included two blow-ups to assist those whose eyesight might be failing!

We are delighted to report that after a group of our rugby stalwarts got their heads together to provide most of the information, we displayed the photo on our ExPo Facebook page at which time our good friend Jeff Baker in Canada,  put the final pieces together and we have been able to establish all the player's names,  the titles of the two teams, the date this match took place, and the final score.  

You can follow our progression below the photos.  Thanks to everyone who provided input because without your assistance our questions would have remained unanswered.

"Bermuda Irish Team" 
Match played on 26th March 1978 at National Sports Club
Back row( l-r) Willie McCracken, Quentin Jackson (Referee), Paul Davis, Tim Davison (Police),
Paul "Bomber" Guthrie,"Moby" O'Pett, Wally Lumb (Police), Bruce Irvine (Teachers),
Keith Cassidy (Police), Peter Stubbs (Touch Judge) and Kevin Batters (Teachers)
Middle row -  Pat O'Riordan (Police), Tony Ensor, Stuart McKinney and  Mike Gibson (Ireland),
Tom Gallagher (Police), Freddie McClellan (Ireland).
Front row -   Vaughan Evans and John Kyle (Teachers), Dave Wheddon (Police)
David Doyle, Geoff Bentley & Sam Lewis (Teachers)
Blow-up 1
Blow-up 2

We received a series of email exchanges from a group of our former rugby players and fans whoe provided the following information:-

Peter Stubbs - This was donkeys years ago when I was the permanent Touch Judge for every game!! I can identify 10 of those in the photo, including myself, but cannot remember when it was taken or for what purpose. It certainly wasn’t a Police Team in green.!!!! Quentin Jackson, top left, was the referee for the game.

Keith Cassidy - Hi, It is a Bermuda Irish team, made up of Police and Teachers, plus four internationals, Mike Gibson? Next to Tommy. Sam Lewis, Geoff Bentley, Vaughn Evans, Graham Madeiros and David Doyle are Teachers players. Not sure what year, but after 1975.
That’s all I can give you.

Pat O’Riordan  -  It's 1975 as Mike Gibson only came two years in 1973 and 1975. None of those guys came in 1974 because of the LIONS tour to South Africa.

Maurice "Moby" Pett -  Roger, you have stirred up a hornet's nest of memories here. I disagree with Pat on the year. I have in my hand right now a photo from the Mid Ocean News April 5th 1975. l-r Bill Nixon (Police), I think Mick Quinn, Fergus Slattery (Ireland), Gareth Edwards (Wales) and Me,  all playing for BDA that time, and Rummy Lunn. Some STARS in one way or another in this photo. Us BDA boys and three LIONS. Only in Bermuda. Pat you are correct about Gibson being here in 1975 because he trained the Bermuda Squad at Nationals prior to our first ever home international against Jamaica. Stay safe, Moby

More from Maurice "Moby" Pett -  This is the best I can do; this was not 1975 as I have a photo from that year, maybe 1974. Here we go:- 

Back row l-r Willie McCracken, Quentin Jackson Ref, Paul Davis, Tim ? (Police), Paul Bomber Guthrie , Moby O'Pett, Wally Lumb (Police), Unknown (Teachers), Keith Cassidy, Peter Stubbs (Police), Kevin Moretta (Teachers) Middle l-r Pat O'Riordan (Police) Tony Ensor, Stuart McKinney, Mike Gibson (Ireland) Tom Gallagher (Police) Freddie McClellan (Ireland). Front l-r Vaughan Evans, John Kyle (Teachers) Dave Wheddon (Police), David Doyle, Geoff Bentley & Sam Lewis (Teachers)

Editors note - At this point it appeared that the year was probably 1974 This was a “Bermuda Irish” team bolstered by four world class Irish internationals as named by Moby. We are missing the name of one guy between Wally Lumb and Keith Cassidy who played for Teachers, and the last name of a police player named Tim ……. standing on the back row between Paul Davis and Paul Guthrie.  Can anyone assist with these last two names?

We received the following comment from Jeff Baker (see below) on 16th October 2018, which answered all the outstanding queries:-

Jeff Baker -  The game was actually played on 26th March 1978 at Nationals. The names you are looking for are Tim Davison and Bruce Irvine. The Rest of Bermuda XV, comprised of the following Police players. Jeff Baker (Capt) Godfrey Davies, Bob Railton, and Derek Richardson. The invited International guests on the team were Peter Squires (Eng), Alan Old (Eng), Doug Morgan(Scot), Peter Stubbs was a Touch Judge. The Irish won 27-14. 

Editors note - We are presuming that Tim Davison was not a policeman because I can't find his name in any of our records.  We would be delighted if anyone can provide us with a photo of the "Rest of Bermuda XV that day. If so I would be happy to pubish it alongside the Green Team photo.  As mentioned above, Dave Garland kindly provided us with this photo and when I asked him about a photo of the Rest of Bermuda XV he said he remembered actually taking the photo of the Irish Team but doesn't recall a photo being taken of their opposition.  Dave added that this was the annual Easter Classic rugby game, and he noted that John Kane picked the Irish Team which perhaps answers the  question as to why on earth were "Moby" Pett and Paul Davis were wearing green that day!