We recently came into possession of this photo and immediately realized this is one 'dangerous' looking group of men by any definition!

We asked if you could assist us in identifying everyone in the photo, which shouldn't have been too difficult with all the clues on display. We also wanted to when was it taken and what exactly  they were doing other than posing for a "shot!

For good measure we asked if you could figure out why we  chose to publish it this week? (1st July 2018)

The reason we chose to publish it this last week is because we had received an excellent article for our "Then and Now" column written by former P.C. Ian Kittle who also sent us some great photos, especially of his time here in Bermuda. In fact he sent us more then we could include in his article so we decided to publish this one separately,  followed by an Eastern Divisional photo in our "Who, Where and When" column ahttp://expobermuda.com/index.php/who-when-where/681-men-from-the-east  because they were too good not to be published.  I thought we had previously published the Divisional photo but couldn't find it.

We are indebted to Ian for taking the time and trouble to sort through his photos and send them to us.  We would be delighted if you could follow suit and consider writing a "There were certainly some amazing characters who worked down East, and for some reason we seem to have far more photos from that end of the Island!

Now down to identifying this group of reprobates!  We also posted a copy of it on our Facebook page which you can access at https://www.facebook.com/BDAExPolice/ and we had most of the answers within 48 hours. Their names are included in the caption.  It was certainly taken at the Prospect shooting range and we have yet to confirm the date or year it was taken but Ian Kittle is checking to see if he recorded it anywhere.

We had the following comment from Stuart Kirkpatrick on our Facebook page:-  

"It was in the days that BPS Divisions would on a regular basis get together for a variety of competitions such as soccer, darts, snooker etc etc. BBQs were also arranged by each Division. These get togethers do not happen anymore but were great team building events that promoted friendly rivalry throughout the Service. Shame really as they were always well attended and very lucrative for the host PRC."


A Dangerous Team from the East!  -  circa 1977
Back row (l-r)  Terry Cabral, Stuart Kirkpatrick, Gordon Farquar, Brian Flook,
John "Rigor" Morris and Doug Proctor
Kneeling -  Ian Kittle, Ian Graham, Pete Giles, Dave Chew, and Alan "Bugsy" Pugh



Davie Kerr
I could be wrong, but, as there are 11 people in the pic, I'm thinking it could be an Eastern football team? Mind you, there are a few definite non-footballing types there, and Pete Giles in plaster and on crutches would definitely not qualify as a sporting type!
Prospect range.Back in the 70's we had 'inter-departmental' divisional...yah no.....HQ vs Western, East vs Central et al.We did the guns then drank a lot of grog...…...
As an addendum; Flooky was a very good shot but Dave Chew whooped most. He was a good shot and enjoyed a few too.Gun and Grog.Mostly after having fun on the Base at their range organized by Chief Hukenberry et al from Security.Mamreeze.Editors note - Many thanks Terry. Would you recall if this photo was taken at the Base range or at our Prospect range?
As for publishing it " this week" ; must be relevant to something. Maybe a visit.That's me on the top left, Stuart Kirkpatrick, Gordon Farquhar, Brian Flook, John 'Rigor' Morris, and Dougy Proctor.Front row Ian Kittle, Ian Graham, Peter Giles, Dave 'Choo Choo' Chew, and of course 'Buggsie' Alan Pugh.Editors note - Spot on Terry. The reason for posting this photo is because we just published a "Then and Now" article on Ian Kittle who is, of course, one of the men in this group. Ian sent us quite a lot of photos and this one seemed ideal for inclusion in our "Who, When and Where" column.
Don Urquhart
I am guessing Eastern Division, I can't get them all but here are some -top row from left Don't know, Stuart Kirkpatrick, Gordon Fareham, Brian Flook, John Morris, Dave AshhurstFront row from left - Ian Kittle, Colin Griffiths, Pete Giles, don't know, Alan 'Bugsy' Pugh. As to what they were doing, I have no idea, regards Don Urquhart, Sydney.Editors note - Good start Don. I'm sure we can nail them all.

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