We received this photograph of a team of men and women who all worked in one of the most challenging jobs in the Bermuda Police Service and H.M. Customs, -  the Joint Importation Squad.  We wanted to know who they are, where and when it was taken, and what team is it?  We received the answers from Dave O'Meara as seen in the caption below the photo. The photo was taken in 1980 on the patio outside the Poloice Club. We just need the name of the young lady on the front row left, and the first name of Customs Officer Christopher. 

Joint Importation Squad  -  1980
Top row (l-r), Dennis Gordon, Eustace LeGay Farley, 'Moby' Pett, Kev Hamilton
2nd row, Customs Officer Alan Bean, Marjory Amos, Robert 'Bob' Kinnon, Cherie Bean, William 'Billy' Henry,
Seated -  Unknown lady, Customs Officer surname Christopher,
Norell Hull, Insp George Rose, Stanley 'Stan' Hill, Carlton Adams.