We asked if you could remember the days when we actually used to wear blazers, shirts with collars, and ties,  on special occasions.   This was clearly a special occasion and we wanted to know who they are,  what is the occasion, and where and when was it?  The answers are contained in the caption below. Our thanks to Wayne Robinson in particular for being right on the money.   The photographer apparently forgot to ask them to smile!

Members of the Bermuda Police Force on an IPA visit to New York in November 1973
(Taken at Suffolk County Police HQ)
(l-r)  Steve Rollin, Pete Counsell, John "Coco" Eve, Howard "Stumpy" Kirkham,
"Big" Mike Parris, Jim "The Wop" Costello, Reg "Buster" Brown, Chief of Police Suffolk County,
Roger Bryden, Mike Jent, Wayne Robinson, Dave Barber, and Willy McCracken