Former police officer, Emmerson Donald, has been awarded more than $4 million in damages by the Supreme Court after suffering chronic problems from being exposed to toxic mould at Hamilton and Somerset Police Stations.

Former P.C. Donald, who was described as an outstanding officer with an exemplary record fell ill with chronic renal failure in 2003 attributed to the chronic mould, and later left the Police Service.

For more information read the Royal Gazette article published on 23rd February 2014, at for the article.

We wish all the best to Emmerson who will need further treatment moving forward, including a possible kidney transplant.

Many Davie.Many.Shalom
Davie Kerr
While I have every sympathy for PC Donald, I wonder how many other former officers now have problems which could be attributed to working in the old Hamilton, St George or Somerset stations? I seem to recall that the Allenhurst Building ( the "old" Hamilton station) had been deemed "unfit for human habitation" (which was why it became available to us in the first place) before we moved there in '78, but the Government of the day had patched it up, and swore blind that we'd be there for a maximum of two years before a new Police Station was built: and we all know how THAT turned out, don't we?Editors note - I well remember "Nobby" Clark's famous quote about the promised new police station bnack then, We'll never have a new police station as long as I have a hole in my ......! He was right.On the other hand I did hear that Government had to decide whether to build a new police station in Hamilton or a new prison at Dockyard. I heard they invited senior police officials to Casemates to see the dreadful conditions there and asked them "Which do you think is the most urgent of the two?" According to my sources everyone agreed that Casemates was even worse than Hamilton Police Station.

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