Premier attends Bermuda Police Association AGM
to express strong support for the Bermuda Police Service

Premier and Minister of National Security, the Hon Michael Dunkley attended the Bermuda Police Association’s AGM on 29th December and assured the Association that “providing support at all levels to the men and women of the Bermuda Police Service is a key priority of the Government in 2015” For more details of the Premier’s comments CLICK HERE for an article on BERNEWS, and CLICK HERE for an article in the Royal Gazette.


Iain Armstrong
Trying to trace my fathers history. He joined the BPF late 30s then returned to Britain 1938?Editors note - Hi Iain, Many thanks for writing to us. I have checked our Police records which are very limited indeed for the time when your father was here. Unfortunately, most records were destroyed in the late 1950's due to being stored in damp humid conditions. The names of all police officers serving in the Bermuda Police and the Civil Service were recorded annually in what were called the Blue Books which are stored in the Bermuda Archives. I have a few random copies of pages and quickly found the name William John Armstrong, 2nd Class Constable joined August 1934 who was paid £230.00 per annum. Similar entries would have been made annually until he left the Island. Again, unfortunately, they have no details of where the officers came from or any other personal details. The only other possibility would be searching local newspaper records on microfiche but that would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If I find any more information will let you know. Will also post a brief note of your enquiry under our "Keeping in Touch" column just in case anyone else might have any information.

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