Passing Out Parade for 25 Recruits

We would like to congratulate the 25 new Police recruits who just completed their 16 week basic training course and had their Passing Out Parade on 12th September 2014, as reported in the Royal Gazette (CLICK HERE for article) and in Bernews (CLICK HERE for article).  

Surely this has to be the largest ever Passing Our Parades and from what we understand the course started with 25 and all successfully completed the course.  Congratulations to all.

Incidentally, this was course #76.  What was the number of your course and when was it?

Davie Kerr
Roger, our Localisation Course was so long ago (Nov-Dec '66) that I don't think we even had a number!Editors note - I have a similar problem Davie, perhaps partly due to memory loss! I doubt that we had course numbers for Localisation courses i.e. overseas recuits with previous police experience. I arrived in Bermuda on 29th May 1964 with two other recruits, John Charlwood and Frank Thompson, neither of whom stayed for long. Andy Bermingham and Dick Johnson arrived a week before us, and Terry Heathcote followed us on 5th June. I can't recall if all 6 of us had a course together. Will try to chck the records next time I visit the Police Training School.

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