You're Invited to a
“Wills and Estates” Presentation

We are delighted to advise our ExPo members that Mr. Nathan Samuels, Senior Associate at MJM Limited Law Firm, has very kindly agreed to make a presentation to our ExPo members at an all-you-need-to-know information session on the subject of Wills and Estates to be held at the Police Recreation Club on Saturday 11th May 2024. Doors open at 6pm -  Session starts at 6.30pm. Light refreshments will be provided.


ExPo President Cal Smith

Our ExPo President, Cal Smith has arranged the presentation and he explains the reason why this will be an invaluable opportunity to hear about a subject that we can all benefit from.

“Covid has taught the world and especially our seniors (expo) that life is not only precious; it can be short.

By having a will you can set out your wishes should something happen to you. Without a will the rules of intestacy will be followed and your wants and wishes may not be carried out.

A will also ensures that your children or other nominated person is provided for financially, and safe guards your family home, and can assist with the avoidance of paying taxes to the Government. 

In addition, with a professionally drafted will, your wishes for your estate can be shared without causing disputes. 

Mr Samuels has kindly volunteered to provide information and his expertise in this area of law,  and has offered to speak directly with the members of EXPO at this event.  I encourage our members to take advantage of this opportunity."

Cal Smith
ExPo President