INVITATION TO OUR ANNUAL ExPo RECEPTION  -   We cordially invite you to our Annual Reception at the Police Recreation Club on Saturday 24th February from 6pm - 9pm and we hope to see you there. This applies to all of our Expo Members and their partners, to the wives and partners of our members who are no longer with us, and also to those recently retired officers  who we hope will become ExPo members.
COLLECTION OF ANNUAL DUES  -  This is also the occasion when we ask our members to pay their annual ExPo dues.  The dues are $40 per annum for those under 70 years of age, and $20 per annum for those 70 and older.  Spouses of deceased former officers, together with retired civilian staff are honorary members  and are not requirted to pay dues.

HOLDING OF AGM  -  Our first order of business will be holding our AGM promptly at 6pm which we make every effort to complete in record breaking time!  Sadly we lost two of our most long serving ExPo members during this past year,  Dave Cook and Reese Bartley, both of whom gave many years of service to our Association.  We are looking for several of our younger members to join us on the ExPo Committee, and in particular we're looking for replacements for our Treasurer and our Secretary.  One other area where we would appreciate some assistance is in finding a volunteer interested in becoming familiar with our ExPo website and Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you at the Police Club on 24th February.