We have just published an article in our "Hall of Fame" column about Peter Stubbs who served in the BPS from 1957 until his retirement in 1981. Sadly, Peter passed away on 12th February 2019.  Included in the article is this photo of Eastern Division  personnel when Peter was OIC.   We would like to include the names of everyone in the photo both here and in the Hall of Fame article, and also the approximate date the photo was taken.  There sure were some characters working in St. George's at that time!

You help would be most appreciated.


18th December 2019

Editors note -  As soon as I have time I will post all the names provided so far. 

With regard to when this photo was taken, it’s difficult to pin down an exact date. However, Peter Stubbs was posted as OIC Eastern Division in March 1970 so it’s not prior to that date. Pat Hamlett was posted to Eastern Uniform after Training School in April 1969, and transferred to Eastern CID in November 1970. Pat is in civilian clothes so it was most likely taken after his move, and as they are in winter uniform it was likely between November 1970 and the Spring of 1971.

Someone thought they spotted Perry Fox in the photo just behind and to the right of Laurie Jackson and wanted to confirm that it’s Perry, and asked how he’s doing these days. I didn’t have Perry’s contact details but Terry Cabral recently mentioned that he believes Perry lives in the same neighborhood as George Rose (way out at the end of St. David’s).

George confirms that Perry is a close neighbor and that he sees Perry from time to time who seems to be in good health and keeping himself busy. He stays in touch with his old mate Ralph Lindo who now drives taxi.

I asked George if Perry would have an email address but I gather he’s not on the internet at all. I asked George to pass on best wishes to Perry. George has also promised to show the photo to Perry and ask him to conform if that’s him behind Laurie Jackson.

18th December 2019

George Rose has advised that he showed Perry the photograph this afternoon and Perry confirmed that it's him in it.  Perry recalls that all personell were provided with a copy and that only one person is missing and that is Merv Willey who was a good photorapher and who took the photo himself.  Shortly after that Merv was transferred to CRO. Perry was also certain that the photo was taken either in the winter of 1971 or in early 1972. I wonder if anyone still has an original copy and who had the presence of mind to write down the exact date!