We consider our members to be anyone who has served in the Bermuda Police Service who left in good standing, no matter their length of service.  As explained under the heading Annual Dues,  we encourage any and all of our former police officers who are still resident in Bermuda  to join our Association and to pay their annual dues which are $40 per year, except for members aged 70 & over for whom we charge  50% of the annual dues per year, that is $20. We do NOT charge annual dues to members who live overseas. Widows and widowers of former officers, together with retired civilian staff, are honorary members and are not required to pay dues.  

At this point we do not charge membership fees for those who live abroad simply because the bank administration charges for processing payments do not make it feasable to collect fees from abroad.

 We encourage any of our former colleagues to support our website and to take the time to navigate through the various columns we have created. These in clude the following:-


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