I'm sure we have featured our group of "Singing Bobbies in the Birdcage" before but I can't find a caption for it so we would like to test yourmemories and let us know when this photo was taken -  if you don't know where then you are disqualified from answering -  and most importantly can you name them all.  We look forward to your responses. It might be easiest if you use Photos 2 and 3 for naming, and if you start with the front row and work backwards. One final question - is there anyone in the group who never actually sang with the Police Choir?


 Photo 1
 Photo 2
Photo 3


Davie Kerr
OK, let's see what can be done with this lot! It's not easy with the rather squshed photos.Standing, from L:- Harry Lister, Willie Bourne, Wayne Perinchief, Dave Hobbs (Whom I never remember as a singer!), Norrell Hull, Lynn Hall, Roger Stovell, Cal Christopher, ?, Mike Phillips, Keith Foggo, ?, Leslie Stowe, Merv Dickinson, John Harvey, Dai James, Howard Dill, Hilton Wingood.Caged, from L:- Brian Foster, Mike Neilan (whom I never remember as a singer either!), Cal Hendrickson, Stevie Darrell, Chris Terry/Jones, Mike Shaw (another non-singer!), Lawrence Rawlins.And the poor bloke who's been turfed out of the cage to make room for the songsters is I think Leon Fubler.Editors note - Well done Davie. I seem to remember someone telling me that the photographer grabbed a couple of extra policemen off the beat to expand the numbers, hence the possible reason for non-singers in the group. Will check with Mike Shaw to see if he can explain why he's there!

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