There were no prizes for guessing which department these smart young men were working in when these photos were taken, but we asked if you could  identify them,  estimate the date when they were taken, and perhaps even tell us exactly what they were doing that day?

There was no problem identifying everyone in the photo, as listed in the caption below.   No-one remembers if there was a special escort that day or just one of the many carried out by MCPS.  As for the date,  I checked available recordds and saw that John Instone worked in MCPS from July 1970 - March 1973; Norrell Hull did indeed work in MCPS from November 1971 - March 1973, and Steve Petty was there from July 1970 - July 1972.  I have a copy of part of Russ Paynter's Police Register file but it doesn't list has transfers and posting, and I don't have either Sid Gordon or Willy Hart's files.  So by my reckoning this photo must have been taken sometime in the 9 months between November 1971 and July 1972.  Sad to say Russ Paynter and John Instone are no longer with us.

Members of MCPS circa 1971-1972 
(l-r) Russell Paynter, John Instone, Norrell Hull, Will Hart, Stephen Petty and kneeling Sid Gordon 
Steve Petty

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