Our website ExPo website has been designed specifically to help former and retired Bermuda police officers keep in touch with each other, something that has been severely lacking,  and also to  describe the history of the Police Force in the words of those who actually served in it.   One of the major features is our “Then and Now” section in which we invite former officers such as yourself to provide us with your life story and reminiscences of your time in the Force.   This could be very brief, i.e. just a couple of pages, or as long as you wish.

Judging from the response so far I would say that the vast majority have enjoyed the experience of putting pen to paper, and several have commented about doing it for their grandkids!  Here is a suggested format for the sort of information that might be included:-


  • Brief details of when and where born and raised and what you did before joining the Police;
  • What attracted you to join the Bermuda Police?
  • When did you join, who with, Training School group etc.?
  • Where did you serve (Central, Training School, CID, Operations etc.) and roughly when?
  • Promotions, decorations,  commendations etc. (if you wish to include);
  • Sports and social activities while in Police;
  • Memorable characters both in and outside the Police  Force;
  • Outstanding/unusual/ humorous incidents  etc.
  • When you retired or resigned from the  Force?
  • Activities, employment, hobbies etc since  leaving the Force including present situation and location.

PHOTOS (if  possible)Early photo of you in police uniform;

  • Photos of you during service on the Force and especially photos showing you with fellow officers at special events, parades, sports activities, social gatherings, farewell parties etc.
  • Photos of your activities since leaving the Force;
  • Present photo of you, perhaps with family  etc.

Ideally, the photos should be scanned and emailed in either JPEG or TIFF format, and in the highest possible quality so they reproduce well.  In some cases I’ve received photos through the mail, scanned them myself, and then returned them.  So far we’ve amassed over 3000 photos.Other sections of the website include:-


  • “Who,  Where and When?” featuring photographs of perhaps a group of  police officers doing something unusual,  playing a sport, having an  office party etc. where we can post the photo on the front page and ask people  to write in and try to guess who is in the photo, and where and when it was  taken.   If you have any suitable photos they would be much appreciated.
  • ‘Hall of Fame’ for former officers who are now deceased.  If you know a family member of any deceased officer who might be interested in submitting an article please let me know.
  • ‘Interesting Articles’  - These can be about any police-related story or any topic that might be of interest to your old colleagues.   



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