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We recently posted an article about one of the young constable's in this photo in our "Then and Now" column, and while checking our albums for photos of Eastern Divisional personnel we discovered this one in another "Then and Now" article on Neil Cox, and realized that we have never had a caption for it.  So, we knew it's Eastern Division but we  needed to identify everyone in it and confirm when it was taken.

We included two enlargements below to help those amongst us who are suffering from failing eyesight!

We had some great replies regarding this photo on our ExPo Facebook page, especially from Bill Cree who was one of the young P.C's there on the day, and he remembers that it was taken outside St. George's Police Station in the Fall of 1970 just after we changed to Winter uniforms.

I hadn't realized it before but Bill had provided us with a copy of this photo which appears in the "Then and Now" article Bill wrote for our website (CLICK HERE to view it).  Bill was quite sure of everyones identity except that he temporarily forgot Dave Inwood's last name until given a gentle reminder by Dave!  The only person he could not identify is the young man on the right end of the top row, behind Dave Purcell.  

Brian Foster, who is also in the photo, has written to say that he believes this young man was an Inspector's Aide from Yorkshire, however,  Assistant Commissioner Martin Weekes, who is not in the photo, has advised us that there is a copy of the photo still on display at St. George's Police Station (now located at Southside) and he believes there are some if not all of the names written on the back of the photo.  Will check the Station and report on our findings.

There sure was a huge cast of characters who worked down East! 

Eastern Divisional Photo - taken in the Fall of 1970 outside St. George's Police Station
(l-r) Front row - Sgt. John "Rigor" Morris, Sgt Barrie Meade, COP George Duckett, 
St. George's OIC Insp Peter Stubbs, Sgt Mike Burke, and Sgt Brian Flook,
2nd Row - Alan Kennedy, Brian Anderson, Frank Smith, D/Sgt Dudley Swan, Sgt Eric "Wee Eckie" Laing,
D/Sgt Laurie Jackson, Mike Cresswell (deceased) and Neil Cox
3rd Row - Bill Cree, Angus Brown, David Furbert, Malcolm Tarte, Patrick Hamlett, Perry Fox, Dave Inwood
4th row - Arden Cato, Laurie Phillips, Paul Hendrick, Mel Gibbons, Robert "Bob" Payne, John Wilkinson,
Paul Yates, Dave Purcell, Winston Esdaille, Roger Hind
Top Row - M. Sample, Stephen Bond, Ken Bent, Ronnie Boggan, ?


Photo 2

Photo 3


22nd November 2020

FRANK SMITH  -One of the young men feautured in this photo is P.C. Frank Smith who joined the Bermuda Police in 1970 after serving in the West Midlands Police prior to his arrival here, and after serving here for about 4 years Frank returned to the UK and re-joined the West Midland Police.  Frank has fond memories of his time here and would be delighted to here from his old mates. If you would like to get in touch with Frank just let me know and I'll forward you email address to him.  The same applied to anyone else you see in this photo or on our website. We don't publish contact details on our website but we're always more than happy to put you in touch with each other. 

Davie Kerr
I think we've had this discussion before, Roger: it was on the steps leading into the boss's office at the N end of the building, and as I recall the cast (in no particular order) was George Garrod and Crock as our two Sgts, Lynn Hall and me as the semi-regular office crew, and Denis Brookes & Dick Johnson, Tango Burgess & Barrie Mancell, and Dave Ashurst & Gerry Molloy as the 3 regular car crews. I think it was taken just after Ops adopted the "radical" new 4-watch system, and we were the original members of C Watch.Editors note - Will try to locate the photo in question Davie.
Doug Proctor
To the left of Dave Purcell, if I'm not mistaken, is John (fingers) Freeborough (RIP)??
Davie Kerr
Gerry and I were watch-mates in Traffic before he left: in fact, I'm sure that a photo of "C" Watch of that era has previously been published, and you took it!Editors note - I don't recall ever having Gerry on my watch at any time, or having or taking a photo of "C" Watch.
Davie Kerr
I think it's John Wilkins rather than John Wilkinson, and the ? could possibly be Gerry Molloy.Editors note - Thanks Davie for the correction re John Wilkins. I really don't think that ? (the guy on the right end of the top row is Gerry Molloy but Gerry was still serving until October 1971, and I believe it's possible that the guy standing immediately behind Pat Hamlett looks a lot like Gerry. Martin Weekes advises that they have a copy of this photo on display at St. George's Police Station and it may have the names off the officers. Will check and report.
Oldie but goodie.Seen this one before.With let others respond.Worked with every damn one of them.Even Pat Hamlett looks like a preacher from Crawl Hill Methodist Church......Editors note - This photo has appeared in several articles on our website but none of the articles included a caption listed all the names. Hopefully, we can correct that and finally have a complete list of all those in it.

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