This is a departure from our usual “Who, Where and When” photos because it consists of a series of photos that have come into our possession centred around Arthur Rose and his friends and colleagues when Arthur first came to Bermuda in 1951, and was billeted, along with other new recruits at the Police Barracks then located on Victoria Street behind where the City Hall Car Park now stands.

These photos are of policemen, and in some cases their wives and children and friends.  

The time period extends back much further than most of our readers are familiar with, but we still have a few “oldie goldies” who have been able to assist in identifying who is who in these photos stretching back to the early 1950’s.

CLICK HERE for our “Then and Now” article about Arthur which I worked on with him after he left Bermuda.  He may not have actually whistled while we talked but he was very happy to relate his experiences about the “good old days” and his very fond memories of Bermuda and all those he worked with and socialized with. 

We start with a photo that is included in Arthur's article and  he was able to recognize most of the people in it. The rest of the photos we leave to your memories!

EDITORS NOTE -    Several of the persons  in these photos were identified by people who saw the same photos displayed on our ExPo Facebook page which you can view at 


Photo 1
Arthur Rose and group outside the Police barracks on Victoria Street.
l-r Frank Walsh (Irish), Derek Taylor, The Rt. Hon Raymond Barnwall
(member of Irish aristocracy) , Ian "Crash" Kane (Scottish) , Brown, Arthur Rose,
Ken Morris, Clement O'Brien (Irish). Married an American girl and moved to Boston)
Photo 2
(l-r)  Brian Jones (he identified himself) John Eastwood  identified by his wife Betty)
Jack Shaughnessy, and Arthur Rose bottom right
Photo 3 
Arthur Rose, John Cafferkey  (Identified by his daughter Kathy Stroude)
and Derek Brashier
Photo 4
Alan Waddicor believed to be holding baby Styant
Photo 5 
Believed to be Sid and Ann Styant with their baby
Photo 6 
Arthur Rose and Tony Saunders
Photo 7 
Arthur Rose and we believe the young lady is his sister Jean
who used to visit the Island to see Arthur



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