Tuxedos and suits!


Remember the days when men used to wear bow ties and white tuxedos, and suits with collar and tie?  Here's a group of smart young men who we figured were surely involved in a wedding, but we wanted to know who they are, plus where and when and why was this photo taken.

Talking about "remembering" I had forgotten that we had previously published this same photo in our "Then and Now" article about Mike Burke. CLICK HERE to view the article.

The year was 1959, and these gentlemen were indeed attending a wedding.   We believe they were all working in St. George's at the time.  We also published the photo on our Facebook page, and with the help of Phil Taylor and Terry Cabral we were able to nail down their names, as confirmed by the caption in Mike Burke's article.

1959 - Some of the St. George’s Boys at a wedding reception
 Standing (l-r) John D. Pyfinch, Joe Colton, Bill “Spider” MacKenzie, 
Crawford “Crow” Rae, Mike Burke, and Brian Reese.
Seated  -  Jim McNiven

Paul Cranage
Dennis Brooks extreme rightist?Editors note - Its not Dennis and I thought for a moment it was maybe Jack Crane but Terry nailed it. It's Brian Reese.
Tuxedo men on the left is John Pyfinch and on the right is Brian Reese.There you have.Sholom.Editors note - Spot on Terry. Your detective skills coming through.
Grim Jims wedding day.I remember the others just give me a few days.Editors note - Many thanks Terry. "Grim Jim" sure looks very relaxed and happy. Now we just need the two guys wearing tuxedos on the far left and far right.
mike cherry
seated is "Grim Jim" McNivenEditors note- We are unanimous that it's "Grim Jim" McNven.
Phil Taylor
I believe that I can ID the suit wearers, but the Tux boys are well before my time. L-R Joe Colton, Bill 'Spider' McKenzie, Crawford 'Crow' Rae and Mike Burke.Editors note - Spot on with those four smart young gentlemen in suits. Hope we can confirm the identities of the tux wearers.

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