As stated when we first published this photo it is definitely not the BPS Gardening Club  but it sure looks like this group had been gardening!  We wanted to know who is here, where are they, what have they been doing, and when was this photo taken?  We included two blow-ups below to make life a little easier you, and then added another photo of the group taken from a different angle.

There was some confusion over whether one of the officers, who we now know to be Ken James,  was the same person in both of these photos because he appeared to be dressed differently, but we believe that in one photo his top was open so we could see his white tee shirt, and it was zipped up in the other photo.

We have now established that the photos were taken during a Narcotics  raid in the area of High Point, Alton Hill in Southampton in 1978 when a huge quantity of cannabis was seized by a team of Narcotics officers and a number of officers who were drafted in just for the raid.  We are advised by George Rose who was then OIC Narcotics that, " Not many narcotics officers were present on this raid because they were dispersed themselves to the Major Incidents Room on follow-up investigations after the 1977 riots. Remember also, the Ganja flight had to be covered around midnight each night and that took a minimum of four narcotics officer committed for at least 3 hours. Seizures almost every night. Busy times indeed." 

George added that a spin off of this seizure resulted in  the successful conclusion of enquiries into the arson case at a certain hotel  (this was the arson at Southampton Prncess Hotel in which three people were killed).

If you look at the Comments section below  you will see there was mention of the fact that both Dai James and Dennis Brookes became dog handlers when the Police started to use drug sniffing dogs to detect illegal drugs.  George Rose recalled that Denis Brookes was the first dog handler in Narcotics - this was sometime after the above raid.  Denis was followed by Dai James, Howard "Stumpy" Kirkham, Jerome Simons, Ian Coyles, Customs Officer Tim Hayward, and Meredith Brady (Stapff).  

Reference was also made to  earlier Dog Section officers who included Winston "Super" Lottimore back in 1960 who was certainly one of the first, if not our first dog handler.  "Super" was a super keen dog handler who was sent abroad to Hendon for specialist training in dog handling in 1960, and again in 1963.  Custerfield "Custy" Crockwell worked as a dog handler and became OIC of Dog Section on his promotion to Sergeant in 1970.  Also mentioned as former dog handlers were Tony Nuttall, Keith Allchin, and Alf Hagar, and there were several more.  Ideally, we need someone to conduct the necessary research and write an article on the History of the Police Dog Section in Bermuda.

Scene of major cannabis seizure at High Point, Alton Hill, Southampton in 1978
 Standing (l-r)  Ronnie Smith, Dai James, Nicky Dunn, Denis Brookes,
George Jackson, Denis Ramsay,
George Rose, Ken James, Norrell Hull, Matt Lindo
Seated -  Clara Saunders and Ralph Trott
Blow-up 1
Blow-up 2
Major Narcotics raid in Southanpton Parish
(l-r)  Denis Brookes, George Jackson, Dennis Ramsay, Clara Saunders, George Rose,
Ken James, Norrell Hull, Dai James, Ralph Trott, Ronnie Smith and Nicky Dunn

Editors Note -  This is one of the most commented on articles we have ever published.  When our ExPo Website crashed in early 2020 for about 3 months it appeared at first as though we would never be able to restore it, but our Web manager did a superb job in recovering just about all of the articles. Unfortunately,  we lost a lot of the 'comments' at the bottom of articles which was a great shame because the comments often contain vital information from the collective memories of or colleagues.

We are delighted that George Rose had the foresight to copy the comments from this particular article, and we are now able to re-print them in full thanks to George.



#1 Terry Bawden 25.07.2018 

Second from the left, judging by the hairline could be Derek Jenkinson, and the event looks like a cannabis seizure by the drug squad, otherwise I'm no help.
Editors note – Batting zero on this one Terry (Bawden)! Derek never worked with this squad and he had probably left the Force by the time this photo was taken.

#2 terry 25.07.2018 

Blow up 1; Forgot, Dai James, Nicky Dunn, Dennis Brookes.
Editors note – All three correct Terry. Many thanks.

#4 terry 25.07.2018

Blow up # 2

George Commissioner Jackson; Dennis the menace Ramsey and of course our local St. David’s Island Super George Rose 

The rest? I got em. You figure them out.
Time for a bear...…..
Editors note – All three correct Terry. Good start.

#5 George Rose 26.07.2018

1. Actually, some members of this group of 12 officers were on loan to the drug squad on that day to assist in this search and seizure effort. The remainder were established drug squad officers. The investigation associated with this seizure developed leads which assisted in the successful conclusion of enquiries into a certain hotel arson involving the death of two visitors and a local Bermudian employee of the hotel.
2. Take a closer look at No. 2 from the left - can we be sure it is 'Titan' Ramsay?
Editors note – Thanks for this interesting extra information George.

#6 Maurice Pett 26.07.2018

Photo 1 guy on left is Ronnie Smith 

Photo 2 on right with hat is Norrell Hull then Matthew Lindo. Guy sitting I believe is Customs Officer James Smith.

#7 terry 26.07.2018

And the Lady in front is ……………………………..

#Dave O Meara 27.07.2018

Hola, think Moby is wrong re CO J Smith, think that is Ralph Trott. 

Re Editors note about Derek Jenkinson, in the answer given by George Rose he mentions a fire at a hotel which killed 3 persons, only one I remember was the Southampton Princess fire in 1977 and Derek was on the force until he retired in 1990.
Editors note – You're right about Derek Jenkinson. He was in the Service then but not in this photo.

#George Rose 27.07.2018

You're correct Dave. No CO's in this one. They didn't come aboard with us until early 1979 as the J.I.S. and they were all senior PCO's and CO's when they did.Ralph Trott is correctly identified (as a loaner, as was George Jackson and the lady in pink sitting down and possibly the unidentified guy over Norrell's right shoulder).The Southampton Princess Hotel riot related arson occurred in December 1977 and I took over Narcotics from Harold Moniz in May 1978 - if that helps date the photo. To think, this was 40 years ago!!Definitely Dai James, dog handler 2nd from left.
So whose the lady in pink? Who stands at Norrell's right rear? And who, for sure, divides the two Georges'. Don't recall Titan having a belly like that 40 years ago.
And where was the gardening done in this wild, open, elevated space west of Warwick?

#10 Dave O Meara 28.07.2018

Hola, guessing but female sitting down Cherie Bean (nee Butler)

#11 Dave O Meara 28.07.2018

Hola, another looking and again guessing Clara Saunders

#12 George Rose 28.07.2018

Yes Dave, a solid identification, it's Clara Saunders. Clara was on loan to us in case we met with female opposition during the raid and needed her necessary assistance.
Any chance you, or anyone else can confirm the other two guys present at the show on a high elevation in Southampton Parish?

#13 terry 29.07.2018

Ken James and definitely Dennis Ramsay
Never saw this "blow up 3" before.
Editors note - Totally agree with you Terry that it's Dennis Ramsay, and that it's Ken James in Photo 3. 

#14 Don Urquhart 29.07.2018

Is the chap behind Norrell Legay Farley?
Editors note - No.

#15 Don Urquhart 30.07.2018

I think Terry is referring to the late Nicky Dunn, far right photo 3
Editors note – I wondered why no-one had identified Nicky Dunn and then realize that Terry had done so in one of the first posts which was on the 2nd page of the Comments section and I didn’t spot it when reviewing who we had been able to identify. Apologies to Terry who has helped to ID most everyone in these photos

I’m sure Terry is spot on identifying Ken James who is standing between George Rose and Norrell Hull in Photo 3, which I had just added and which I'm sure Terry is referring to. It seems very doubtful that it’s Ken standing slightly behind Norrell Hull in Blow up 2. Anyone have any idea who this person can be bearing in mind he's dressed differently from Ken? Rather surprised that no-one has yet identified the guy standing between Dai James and Denis Brookes in blow-up 1 who also appears at the far right in Photo 3.

#16 Dave O Meara 30.07.2018

Hola, I submit that it is the same person Ken James in both photos 2 and 3. If you blow up photo 3 you can just see a small part of the white tee shirt Ken is wearing just over Norrell's left shoulder and shown more clearly in photos 2. Guess he done up is jacket/overalls before photos 3 was taken.Editors note – Could well be Dave but I'm not 100% convinced. Perhaps we could check with Ken James.

#17 George Rose 30.07.2018

Photo 3 clearly identifies Dennis Ramsay as Terry indicated very early on in his message #4.
In his message #2 Terry also saw Nicky Dunn who shows on all three photos. Terry is correct.
As the Editor states, Ken James shows in Photo #3 but it is not the same guy as in Blow-up 2 or the group photo.
So who is this remaining officer and where in Southampton was the photo taken? It was a high-up place for sure!Editors note – Dave O'Meara is sure that it is Ken James in both photos. Will try to check with Ken personally

#18 Phil Taylor 30.07.2018

The unidentified person between Dai James and Dennis Brookes is Nicholas James Hutton Dunn (deceased)!Editors note – Many thanks Phil.

#19 terry 30.07.2018

That's Nicky Dunn.
I mentioned it in Comment # 2.
Shalom.Editors note – Apologies Terry. When the earlier comments went on to page 2, I didn't spot the fact that you had already ID'd Nicky. Well done on this and the others you picked out.

#20 terry 30.07.2018

It's Ken.
First photo his 'overalls' are unzipped.
Happy Cup Match

#21 Davie Kerr 31.07.2018 

With all due respect to George Rose, I don't think Dai James was ever a dog handler: I suspect the main reason for his presence is that he was S'ton Parish PC at the time, and probably knew the area as well as anyone.

#22 Dave O Meara 01.08.2018

Dai James was a dog handler in Narcotics when I joined the team he had the desk in front of the one I used to work from. Sorry Davie you’re wrong on this point.Editors note – Not often Davie makes a mistake but I was fairly sure Dai spent some time in Dog Section. Will have to ask him personally. Dai is still in Bermuda and works as a manager at Lindo's in Warwick (for those long in the tooth – that's the former Friendly Store.

#23 Davie Kerr 01.08.2018

Well, that's news to me: I stand (or rather sit) corrected!

#24 George Rose 01.08.2018

Sorry Davie but Dai James most certainly worked in narcotics as the dog handler during my first tenure there. He resigned the Force in late March 1982 as I recall that day. Back in 1978 (I think) Denis Brookes first held the position followed by 'Stumpy' Kirkham; followed for a short period by Jerome 'J.C.' Simons; followed by Dai James; followed by Ian Coyles; followed by Customs Officer Tim Hayward – later, I'm not sure about. And wasn't Meredith (Brady) Stapff once a drug dog handler? Can't remember

the dates.Editors note – We really should have an article on the History of Dog Handlers, both the traditional dog handlers and the drug sniffers. Any volunteers?

#25 George Rose 01.08.2018

Davie is likely correct in saying that Dai James was on the team as a loaner because he was conversant with the area in Southampton as the parish constable. Not sure when he came aboard in Narcotics but it was too early then in 1978 for him to have been the drug dog handler. Not many narcotics officers were present on this raid because they were dispersed themselves to the Major Incidents Room on follow-up investigations after the riots. Remember also, the Ganja flight had to be covered around midnight each night and that took a minimum of four narcotics officer committed for at least 3 hours. Seizures almost every night. Busy times indeed. 
So where was this search and seizure location? Still there today!Editors note – Who can tell us where?

#26 terry 02.08.2018

I also remember Dai being a handler in Narco.
So were a few others; Howard 'Stumpy' Kirkham being one with his dog 'Max' – and also Marj Amos.
They were not Dog Handlers per se as compared to older times but drug sniffing dogs.

#27 Davie Kerr 02.08.2018

I know Stumpy was a dog handler with Narco, but MARJ? That's certainly news to me! I never knew her to have any particular affinity for dogs: horses, yes, but not dogs....Editors note – Will ask her for verification or otherwise.

#28 George Rose 03.08.2018

Marj may have walked Dai James' dog on occasion but I don't ever recall her being appointed as a handler.
Regarding the Editors note above –

“We really should have an article on the History of Dog Handlers, both the traditional dog handlers and the drug sniffers. Any volunteers?"

The suggested article could commence with handlers such as 'Super' Lottimore; Custerfield Crockwell; Keith Allchin; Bill Pritchard; and Tommy Barnes. There was also a Sergeant from the UK attached to the Force for dog training purposes as I recall – his

name escapes me.

#29 Davie Kerr 04.08.2018

The man you're looking for is Sgt. 38 Harry Garth from I think Durham.Editors note – Remember him well! Tony Nuttall was also a dog handler and there were several more during the early days of Dog Section.

#30 George Rose 06.08.2018

Well done Davie, that's him. According to John Skinner's growing Master List, Harry Garth was born in 1926 and led the BPS Dog Section between August 15, 1966 –

November 19, 1968. Does anyone serving at that time NOT remember his pretty daughter?Editors note – I remember Harry quite well but didn't know he had a daughter.

#31 Davie Kerr 06.08.2018

I'm one of the ones who remembers Harry's daughter Freda as she used to serve in the wee shop at the back of the PRC, and she was NEVER going to win a Miss Ugly contest! I believe Baby Dour was in hot pursuit of her for a while, but I don't know if it came to anything.
Harry also had a son David, who was in the Scout troop that John Swift (assisted by Denis Brookes and me) ran on the Godet property just E of Dev Dock: 2nd Bermuda (Bishop's Own) as I recall....

Editors note – Many thanks Davie. For your information the Godet's house just east of Devonshire Dock is finally being renovated after many years of being empty and derelict.

#32 terry 06.08.2018

Ah Freda.
An absolute doll
Had two dates with her but Harry made me lay off when I took her to Elbow Beach.
Nice girl.
And that's the truth.

#33 George Rose 06.08.2018

I'll concede to your memory Davie – but I always believed her name was Sheila, not Freda. Anyway, age wise she was out of bounds to us guys including Baby Dour.Editors note – I see that both Davie and Terry are sure Harry's daughter's name was Freda so the majority rules! Just to be sure I'll check Harry's Police Register page on next visit to Police HQ to see if it includes his daughter's name.

#34 Davie Kerr 07.08.2018

You know that; I know that; but I wonder how many others did?
Anyway, water under the bridge now: it's quite a thought that we're going back 50+ years with this!
And I never knew that Linda Perry had been a dog handler: she and I were often A Watch Traffic's office crew, she as DO and me on the radio, and though I say it myself we were a good team.

#35 Maurice Pett 11.08.2018

I believe Alf Hagar was also a dog handler as was Jerome Simons. Jerome's dog Max was an explosive sniffer at Buckingham Palace before coming here. He lived at my place on Pokiok Farm after he retired from sniffing. MobyEditors note – Many thanks Moby. There's obviously a fascinating history to tell about our Police Dog Section.

#36 Maurice Pett 11.08.2018

Is this Seymour Farm, Soton?? 

MobyEditors note – You're close Moby. It was actually at High Point on Alton Hill which is just about next door to Seymour Farm.

#37 terry 11.08.2018

I remember Alf. Red headed guy and yes was a handler. 
Now Jerome just loved dogs as we all know. He was a jack of all trades and could handle sea going vessels also.I was a dog handler also. Grilling dogs at the PRC in St. George all the thyme.
Always caught my man......

#3Davie Kerr 12.08.2018

Alf, along with Gordon Howard, Denis Brookes, Gary Perinchief and Crock (Custerfield “Custy” Crockwell) , handled the "real" Police dogs which were actually allowed to chase and catch people, as opposed to being simply sniffer dogs.

Editors note – There were quite a few dog handlers before Gary and even before "Crock". Winston "Super" Lottimore was a dog handler from November 1960-1964 and attended two Dog Handling courses at Hendon in late 1960 and in 1963. Tony Nuttall became a dog handler in November 1991 and was in Dog Section when I arrived in 1964. "Crock" joined the Section in 1964 and was Sgt. OIC Dog Section on promotion to Sergeant in May 1970. The History of Dog Section would make a great article!

#39 George F Rose 17.08.2018

It would also be of interest to know the names of each these special dogs together with the breed of each.
They were certainly not all Alsatian - U.S. name: German Shepherd. 
From where did they originate? Were they each issued a collar number? Some lived with their handlers but does anyone recall the dog kennels in the COMOPS yard?Editors note – I well remember the dog kennels at Operations but before that I believe the dogs lived with their handlers both during, and sometimes after their service.

#40 Davie Kerr 18.08.2018

I knew of Super's dog handling abilities, and also knew the names of Messrs Nuttall and Bull, but they were before my time in the job which is why I didn't mention them.Editors note – I remember Tony Nuttall well and he visited Bermuda just a couple of years ago. Malcom Bull joined in 1962 and served until 1965 so he was here when I first arrived in 1964. Will write to Tony and see if he can name the first dog handlers.

#41 George F Rose 18.08.2018

According to the Master List now under the care of John Skinner:Bermudian Constable 87 Winston Fieldon 'Super' Lottimore was born in 1929 and appointed to the Job on 01 March 1954. He is believed to have ended his service on 05 March 1964. Note - A 10 year period.

Anthony Horrobin Nutall 187 was born in 1939 and appointed to the Job in Bermuda on 03 January 1961. His service ended 24 September 1965 - some 23 days after I arrived.Malcolm Hepple Bull 248 was born in 1941 and appointed in Bermuda on 27 March 1962. His service ended on 10 April 1965.The first Bermuda Police dog handler is likely to be amongst the above three. Prowlers aka webbers were highly active in rural Bermuda during these decades and kept patrols very busy responding to complaints – during the daytime too, but especially after dark. Anybody got a story/article to tell?

#42 terry 19.08.2018

I remember Super back in the early 60's before any of the commenters here arrived.

He used to drive a wagon and I am trying to recall a make. 
Used to see him in Paget with Harvey Fothergill and Sean Sheehan all the time especially around Red Hole Boat Slip...………..(water hole).I also had a story about another dog handler but was told it could not be printed here.

#43 George F Rose 19.08.2018

CORRECTION: to my message #41.
The surname Nutall should read NUTTALLEditors note – Sorry I missed that George. I'm in the process of trying to contact Tony through our good friend John Dale who used to work with Tony’s father in the Police in England. Unfortunately, Tony is not into computers and email so it looks like it going to take a letter through the post to reach him!

#44 George F Rose 20.08.2018

According to Crock's widow Claudine, the name of his tracker dog was 'WOLF'. A German Shepherd. And I remember he looked like one too. 

Hopefully, a personal case history article is to follow involving ‘Wolf’Thanks go to Claudine's neighbor Arthur Headly Norris Bean for tracking this one down.Editors note – 'Crock' is up there at the top of my list of First Class Bermuda Police Officers.


23rd April 2021