Our latest photo was taken at a social gathering where everyone present looks very smart, but we wanted to know what was the occasion, where and when was it held, and who was present?

We received the answers (see below) from Davie Kerr which was no surprise! Davie confirms it is a photo of the group of officers who joined the Bermuda Police in 1966, along with their wives,  and it was taken at a function Davie is almost certain took place at Elbow Beach Hotel in 1986, 20 years after their arrival on Island.

It is of special significance this year, 2016, because a similar banquet is going to be held later in the year for all the officers who joined the Police Force  50 years ago.  There are far more than the officers shown here and we hope to see as many as possible attend the reunion here in Bermuda. We will publish full details as soon as plans are finalised.

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