We normally feature photos from the more distant past in this column, but for a change here is one from the modern era. We wondered how many of our ex-officers can identify these  young men and women, and figure out what they are doing.   We hinted that one of our present Committee members is featured in the photo, and also an experienced senior officer who many of our colleagues will have served with.

Thanks to Phil Taylor we had no problem identifying the "senior" officer, Martin Weeks, who was just promoted to Assistant Commissioner, and former Sgt Corey Cross who is now on our ExPo Committee.

It was far more problematic for our "old" ExPo members to identify most of these "youngsters" bearing in mind that the photo was taken just 11 years ago in 2005.  Corey was very helpful but we have to take our hats (helmets) off to Sgt. Stephen Gunn for providing us with literally all of the details we requested - and more!

First of all, Stephen advises that the photo is of the Police Support Unit (PSU) led by then Inspector Martin Weeks taken at the rear of White Hill Field during Cup Match at Somerset Cricket Club in 2005.

Stephen has not only provided the names of everyone but has also provided their Service numbers and ranks, as well as listing those who are no longer with the BPS.  We have listed all of their names in the photo caption below, and Stephen advises that 8 of the officers are still serving while the following 12 have since left:-

Dennis Archer, Cory Cross, Glensworth Bailey, Shanee Strong, Michael W. DeSilva, Tina Okereke, Omar James, Sam Fraser-Smith, Swanson Braxton, Keysha Burgess, Paul Worswisck and Richard Augustus. 

Members of the Police Support Unit -  Somerset, 2005
Top Row -  then PC (now Sgt) 2171 Rayan Leera, Sgt 995 Stephen Gunn, and PC 2212 Wayne Sealey
Third Row -  Ex-PC 2141 Sam Fraser-Smith, Ex-PC 2144 Omar Jones,
Inspector (Now ACOP) 516 Martin Weeks, Ex-PC Paul Worswisck
Middle Row -  PC 2189 Mark Lewis, PC 2152 Shannon Trott, Ex-PC 2196 Shanee Strong,
Ex-PC 2059 Glen Bailey (now works at Airport Security) Ex-PC 2102 Richard Augustus,
Ex-PC 2112 Keysha Burgess, Ex-PC 2192 Tina Okereke, Ex-PC 2129 Swanson Braxton,
PC 2121 Maria Peterkin, and Ex-PC 525 Dennis Archer
Kneeling -  Ex-PC 2094 Michael W. DeSilva, Sgt (now Inspector) 837 Troy Glasgow, and Ex-Sgt Corey Cross


Editors note  -   For many years the Bermuda Police would re-issue badge numbers once an officer left the Force, retired  or died,  but the policy now is to issue all completely new numbers


Davie Kerr
And Goat's quite right about it being "a bunch of youngsters": the only ones I could pick out at first (or even second) glance were Martin Weekes, Dennis Archer and Troy Glasgow: I eventually got Steve Gunn and Corey Cross, but that was it.....
Davie Kerr
Re your comment of no longer re-issuing shoulder numbers, I think that stopped when we were dragged kicking and screaming into the Computer Age back in '87.I must say, though, that I always thought it a bit daft that a Police Force (oops, sorry: SERVICE) with less than 500 personnel should need 4-digit shoulder numbers. There's probably some technical reason behind it, but I know of no reason why we can't have something like Supts and above 1-9 with the CoP as 1, Ch Insps 10-19, Insps 20-49, Sgts 50-99 and PC's 100-500: the lower the number, the higher the rank.Editors note - Thanks for your input Davie. Will ask about the reasoning behind having these huge numbers!
Phil Taylor
This really is a bunch of youngsters, but the Senior Officer is Martin Weeks and the committee member is Cory Cross!Editors note - Full marks Phil. Ironically, although we might think of this group as being "youngsters" I understand that quite a few of them are now ex-police officers.

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