A Grand Reunion in Edinburgh

We described this as a true test of your memory skills! Here are three photographs taken at a very special event held outside Bermuda in the 1980’s. We wanted to know exactly where and when these photos were taken, what was the special occasion, and who are the people in all three photos.

This has proved quite a challenge, even to Davie Kerr, who was there when the photos were taken and is frustrated that he can’t name absolutely everyone, but he and Ian Graham have provided us with the following information and we hope that, collectively, we can identify just about everyone.

The photographs were taken at a reunion of former Bermuda Police Officers and friends held at the King James Thistle Hotel, Edinburgh on 22nd March 1986. It was the second such reunion organised by Bob Kinnon and Ian Graham, the first being held in York a few years earlier. (We would be delighted to receive photos from York reunion.)

As to those present for the Edinburgh reunion we’ll start with Davie Kerr’s best try – so far. if you check under each photograph you can check his memory with your own.

Photograph 1
Standing middle, from L:- *1 Don't know (although I'm sure I should!), Chris Pearce, Mike Neilan, Paul Davis,
Stuart Donaldson, Mike Chitty, Paul Deans, Frank Wood, Martin Pearson, Colin Griffiths, Brian Marlowe,
John Napier, behind John *2 Dont't know, Clive Dewhurst, Andy Drybrough
Standing rear, from L:- Peter Blogg, Les Brown, Bob Mitchell, Barry Higham, Doug Proctor, Al McNaughton,
 a "Bermuda bobby", Dave Shakeshaft.
Squatting/sitting rear, from L:- Bob Porritt, Davie Kerr, Pat McBride, Pete Swann, *4 Don’t know. 
Sitting front, from L:- Bob Kinnon, I think Bob Cuddihy.
Photograph 2 
Standing rear, from L:- Al McNaughton (half face), Dave Shakeshaft, Kevin Hamilton,
Gordon Farquhar, Jim Hanlon (bending over), Mike Jent. 
Standing middle, from L:- John Napier, Clive Dewhurst, *5 Andy Drybrough, Doug Rogers,
Eddie Foggo, Maureen Connor, John Mullan, I think Tony Watson, Mike Burke,
Joe Colton, *6 Don't know who he's hiding, Brian Malpas. 
Sitting rear, from L:- Pete Swann, Marion Lewis (Gwyn's wife), *7 Christine Muspratt,
*8 Margaret Lester-Card Colton, Gwyn Lewis, John Mulholland with *9 Unknown bird
on knee (believed to be a lively bus conductress named Anita,
*10 Bill Sherwood. Sitting front:- Bob Kinnon, Bob Cuddihy, Ian Graham.
Photograph 3
The only ones I can guarantee are 4 of the ones sitting down: from L:- Fran Sturrock(ex-KEMH, who was
my guest for the evening), Janet Napier (John's wife), Sandy Pearson (Martin's then wife),
and Val Cheape extreme R of front row. I think that's Marion Lewis in the black and white dress on the front row.
That's Mrs John Mullan behind Sandy Pearson, and I think the black-haired lady with
the white dress and black necklace in the back row could be Jo Higham (Barry's then wife).
That could be Sue Rogers (Doug's wife) behind Janet Napier, but I think I'll quit now while I'm ahead!

One guy I know was there but didn't see in the photos was Pete Stratton, a nice bloke with curly blonde hair who was on my Watch in Hamilton in the late '70s when Alan “Bex” Bissell was our Sergeant.

For a small fee, I reckon I could attach the correct shoulder numbers (where relevant!) to virtually everyone I've named.  Any takers?


As you will see, we have placed an asterisk and a number against anyone not named by Davie in photos 1 and 2. Davie was only able to name a few of the ladies in photo 3 so we need a lot of help in this regard.

Ian advises that photo 3 includes wives, girlfriends and several former nurses from KEMH. He identifies the lady in the white top, under under the Bermuda emblem, as Jo Higham, and next to her Allison Miller. The lady whispering into someone’s ear is Rowena Carter and the ear being whispered into is Mary MacDonald. More help is needed re this photo!

Ian also advised that after this photo session he took his film to the Identification Bureau at Strathclyde Police headquarters, Glasgow, where Malcy Smith's brother worked (Malcy, of course, being the long-time Bermuda Police carpenter).  He printed them for Ian who sent several copies around the world, including a set to Pat McBride in Canada.  He also made Ian a montage photo showing Groups 1 and 2 together.  Ian has kindly provided us with this montage.  It was a little too wide to show clearly on our website, but if anyone would like a copy we would be pleased to email it to you.


Here's a list of some of those not identified on photos 1 and 2 by Davie or Ian:-

*1  Identified as Andy Fielding by Phil Taylor who recalls that Andy spent most of his time in Marine Section.

*7 This lady is Christine Muspratt who settled back in Staffordshire.

*10 Although Davie named this gentleman as Jim Starbuck, it is Bill Sherwood who headed CRO in the late 60’s (Bill is now deceased but his wife is a good friend of Chris Muspratt’s)

In photo 3, we believe that the lady in the blue floral dress (3rd from left on the middle row) is Heather Brown, and the lady sitting on the front row wearing a white blouse and a pale blue cardigan over her shoulders is Mrs. Hanlon.

If you can assist in identifying anyone else, or in correcting any mistakes, please contact us at info@expobermuda.com